Drusillas Park, near Alfriston, East Sussex

Who doesn’t love a day out, right?  As a family we love exploring new places and seeing our little devil cherub beaming from ear-to-ear and having fun; however it’s not cheap to visit attractions.  You can imagine how chuffed we were when the fab people over at Drusillas Park in East Sussex asked us down to check it out.

Drusillas is a zoo and fun park near Alfriston, not too far from Eastbourne and it’s been running in various forms since the 1920s, with animals, rides and lots of things to see and do.  The park aims to educate and runs an extensive breeding programme.  The zoo part of the park has lots of signs, fun facts and games to get kids involved in a fun yet educational way.

Good things come in small packages

It’s often described as ‘a small park’ but don’t let that put you off – it’s packed to the max with lots of things to see and do.

We set off on a slightly gloomy day minus daddy armed with a packed lunch and comfy shoes(I don’t own anything that’s not comfy to be fair) and after around an hours’ drive from our home in Kent we arrived.

‘Mummy please can we go on the train’

I’d worked out that I’d last visited about twenty years ago – I had no memory of the park so it was exciting and new for both of us – we consulted the map and set off to find the Safari Express train.

We enjoyed our first of several train rides that day – it’s a relatively short but exciting ride for little people; before heading off to the massive outdoor adventure play areas.

Go Bananas

It’s funny what pleases you as a parent – the Go Bananas! play area is geared up for under sixes and has lots of benches for weary parents to perch and rest.  There is also a splash park, so if the weather is good take some swimsuits and towels!

Lots of animals

We had a sneak peek in the soft play area before we wandered around the zoo portion of the park.  A cheeky lemur in the walk-through lemur enclosure jumped on my head, which every child in a ten metre radius found hilarious.  I did indeed shriek like a crazy person, I won’t lie.

The penguins were awesome as were the lorikeets – you could buy a pot of nectar for £1 and let them land on you and drink from the pot – the boy found it especially funny when they pooed on the head of the lady in front of us…


There are a handful of rides – Hello Kitty land with a few themed rides and Go Safari! with the Hippopotabus(best name ever) and Flying Cheetahs, all suitable for all ages but designed with the younger thrill-seekers in mind.

Food and drink

There are a couple of eateries dotted throughout which were reasonably priced; we took a packed lunch and sat in the designated picnic area which had lots of seating.  There are plenty of stalls and vending machines to grab drinks from too.

Top tips

  • if it’s hot take a change of clothes and take advantage of the splash park
  • arrive early and make a day of it – there is plenty to see and do
  • the gift shops are really reasonable – I bought a toy car and a fridge magnet for under a fiver
  • there are lockers available for a £1 – so don’t be afraid to take a few bags, you can store things if need be
  • there are vending machines for various things such as painkillers and nappies if you get caught out
  • the staff are super friendly and always happy to help.

All in all we had a fab time – I’d say Drusillas is best for under twelves and there is enough to see and do to fill a full day – there is lots going on through the year and it’s well worth a visit.  For prices and more information check out the website.

Thank you Drusillas – we will be back!


**We were offered a day out at Drusillas in return for an honest review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own**

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