Easter with a toddler

I’ll admit as hard as parenthood is, seeing your child grow and change every year with major holidays such as Christmas is lovely to see and so much fun.  It’s like a warm fuzzy feeling of love and happiness; until they poke you in the eye or do a dirty protest in the toy box.

Starting the day with a stand-off, standard.

I’m not a huge Easter person in the way I don’t tend to indulge in tonnes of chocolate; like valentines I hate how commercial holidays have become and all that.  But I do like chocolate and I’m not going to be a grump and deny the small person of Easter fun and frolics.

I love spring and I feel different about it this year; I really wanted to share my love of this time of year and how it symbolises rebirth and nature and the meaning of Easter.

Fun at the park and looking at the blossom

We made some yummy Easter biscuits the other day and he loved making a mess, maybe the baking bit too who knows.  I’m still finding flour three days on.

Yummy Easter biscuits, iced and sprinkled by the small one.


We have read books about Easter and been on walks to look at the blossom; the bluebells are also popping up and our plan for next week is to go and walk through the woods and get mucky and have adventures.

Easter egg hunts are so much fun with a toddler; we loved making baskets and searching for eggs with our friends.  It was lovely to see the kids having so much fun and enjoying themselves.


He was smacked off his tits on chocolate and the mummies enjoyed a glass of Prosecco.  And copious amounts of coffee.  And Macdonalds for dinner.  Yum.

The hard stuff for the sleep deprived

Happy Easter all, I hope you have a lovely weekend, eat lots of chocolate and have lots of fun.


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