Eating healthier: Day 1

I got up and was in the right mind frame to crack my bad eating and proper get on it.

I was shattered and aching all over; to the extent I was slurring like a drunk for most of the morning.

I decided to stay with my eating plans; to try and make myself feel better inside.

I’ve adopted a slightly different stance due to my binge eating being not great at the moment – for that reason I’m sticking to three meals a day and no snacks, as I can’t control it well at the moment.  I’m also making a point of drinking at least two litres of water a day and I’m trying to be mindful of when I am full and not overeating.

Breakfast was an apple chopped up with Skyr yoghurt, a banana and a coffee.


(Note the kids bowl and fork – it was Finding Dory FYI).

I enjoyed the yoghurt with the apple but it didn’t fill me up; it was a fat free one and maybe full-fat greek yoghurt would have been better.  Hmmmm.

Also note that I am drinking squash.  Epic fail on the water front, it makes me feel sick plain in the mornings.

Lunch was a mad dash to the shop and ended up being a Nakd bar, a cup of tea and a chicken salad that I chucked some pulled pork onto.


It was lush and filling, and made me feel good; I guess not being weighed down with bread and heavy carbs was a winner.

I got the shakes mid-afternoon; another Nakd bar seemed to do the trick.

Dinner, hmmm.  My fat-girl gremlins snuck in a little.  I had a pot of courgette spaghetti and leftover Cashew Chicken from yesterday.  I went into panic mode – that wouldn’t fill me up.  I needed cheese, what else could I throw on it?

I maintained my willpower, and didn’t add any cheese or anything extra.


And then I ended up nicking a chicken kiev and half a sausage off the mancub’s plate.

Fuck.  Must try harder tomorrow.

All in all, a better day, hoping to control the overeating tomorrow a little better, I’ve already got breakfast and lunch prepped.

Tomorrow is another day!



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