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**We were gifted Pickles the Elf and goodies in exchange for this review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own.**

Okay so I appreciate it’s October – but how many of us parental-types start thinking about Christmas around now?  I mean, I know there are some that have more than likely bought and wrapped every present by March but I’m usually the sort of person who waits until Fireworks Night is done and finished before even thinking about writing a list.

The boy will be four this November and we’ve had a somewhat challenging year behaviour-wise – he’s growing into such a little charmer with good manners and a strong will but he knows what he wants and his frustrations often lead to epic tantrums.  You know pre-parenthood when you see those horrific screaming fits with a mortified parent standing far enough away to hopefully hide but close enough to prevent harm?  We’ve had them all – I’ve been punched, kicked, screamed at… despite being reasonably strict he can be hard to handle at times.

He’s a clever little bean, though – so this year instead of just telling him that Father Christmas only visits the good boys and girls(we’ve all done it right?) I figured I’d try the Christmas elf thing.

If you aren’t clued up on the elf thing it’s basically an elf that arrives on the 1st of December and stays with you, reporting good and bad behaviour back to Father Christmas while getting up to all sorts of magic and mischief over night.

My reasons?  He’s old enough now to understand and I figured it might help focus some attention and help with the bad behaviour.  It’s also kind of magic and a nice tradition to start – so why not give it a go?

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

An Elf For Christmas are a UK company that make and sell Christmas elves that are beautifully made and designed to be friendly yet mischievous.  They are super cute, suitably dressed in festive attire and are soft to the touch.

They have rosy cheeks, long legs and long arms with Velcro hands so you can pose them and hang them off things; you also have a choice of boy or girl elf and you aren’t just buying an elf – the magic is within the box containing the Magical Reward Kit complete with a reward chart, certificates and more.  You can buy the elves without the kit but I’d highly recommend going for the kit as it’s got everything you need.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas #elfforchristmas

I’ll admit I had fun posing him for these photos – I can’t wait to introduce him(he’s called Pickles by the way).

The kit contains enough for two siblings; however you can buy refill packs if topping up or for bigger families.

The box contains everything you need to introduce your elf and to get you started and the kit is £22.99 – click here to buy.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

We do a lot of reading and the Elf’s First Adventure book is a lovely read to introduce early in December and to bring the magic of the elf to life.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

Elf’s First Adventure is £5.99 – click here to buy.

Elf's First Adventure Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas #elfforchristmas

The North Pole Sticker Fun Set is perfect for rainy(or snowy) Winter afternoons and features the backgrounds and characters from the Elf’s First Christmas book.  It contains four different background designs on 12 loose background sheets and 750 stickers for lots of fun.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

And of course it’s the perfect backdrop for elf selfies(elfies?)…

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas #elfie #elfselfie elfie

The North Pole Sticker Fun Set is £7.99 – click here to buy.

North Pole Christmas List Santa Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

The Advent Letter Set is a lovely add-on – it’s a set of 24 letters from Pip McJingles, your elf pen friend(who stays in the North Pole while your elf stays with you) who writes daily with updates and stories from the North Pole.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas advent letters elf letters naughty or nice

Each letter is individually enclosed in a little brown envelope and can be hidden somewhere to enjoy daily, hidden amongst the post or why not make a special postbox to send your list to Father Christmas and receive your elf letters?

Even if you don’t have an elf you can still use and enjoy these letters, they are a great way to build the magic and excitement in the run up to Christmas.

The Advent Letter Set is £12.95 and even has a pre-school(age 3-5) version – click here to buy.

As a child of course Father Christmas always came down the chimney. that’s common knowledge – but what if you don’t have a chimney, and also – how does your elf get into your house?

Elf Door Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf

I love the Elf Door – it’s going to appear alongside Pickles the Elf on December 1st and it’s a great way to explain his arrival.  Plus it looks really nice, it’s really tasteful and lights up too.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

After all – how else will your elf get back to the North Pole every night to tell Father Christmas how good(or bad) you’ve been?  It also comes with a welcome booklet, interchangeable stickers for the signs and batteries are included.

The Magical Light-Up Elf Door is £21.99, it’s beautifully made and a lovely keepsake to use again each year – click here to buy.

Elf for Christmas Elf on the Shelf #elffun #elfantics #elfontheshelf #anelfforchristmas

Why stop there?  You can buy bundles, pyjamas, personalised books and letters and more plus the website has elf ideas and printables – an Elf for Christmas has everything you need for a magical elf experience. 


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