Essential Things To Remember Before Leaving For Holiday

Picture the scene; you’re on the plane to your favourite holiday location when to your horror, you realise you have forgotten something vital. No, we aren’t talking about your passport or your toothbrush, although you might want to add them to your checklist of ‘things to remember’ now. Rather, we are talking about those simple tasks that need to be completed before you shut your front door and head off on your hols. Such as? Well, keep reading for a few useful reminders.

#1: Call your bank with your travel dates. Your vacation time will be well and truly scuppered when you realise you have been locked out of your bank account. You see, when using your debit card abroad, your bank might assume somebody else has access to your account details. They might suspect your card has been stolen, or they might think you have been scammed online. Therefore, let them know of your travel dates and where you will be jetting off to, as this way, you will be able to fritter away your cash as much as you want to while you’re away.

#2: Prepare for burglars. You wouldn’t roll out the red carpet for any miscreant thieves, with a sign up saying ‘burglars welcome here,’ but you may as well do if you forget to take precautionary measures before leaving for your holiday. You need to hide the fact that you’re away, so ask a neighbour to collect your mail and to open and shut your curtains, or perhaps invite a friend or family member to stay in your home so that it looks lived in. You should also invest in a safe for your prized belongings, and if you’re not taking your car, you might want to check out services such as Tiger Storage who will look after your car (and any other possessions) while you’re on your hols. You might want to let your local Neighbourhood Watch know you’re away too, as this way, they will be on the lookout for any dodgy so and so’s near your property.

#3: Clean out your fridge. The last thing you want to happen when you return home from your hols, jetlagged, and in need of rest, is to be confronted by terrible food smells coming from your kitchen. But that will happen if you forget to remove any perishable items before you leave for your holiday, so eat up, discard, or give away any food that is likely to expire.

#4: Make copies of your travel documents. In the event that you lose your important travel documents, you need to ensure you have backup copies. You can do this with photocopies, or by scanning and emailing copies to yourself so you have access on your smartphone. These travel docs should include your passport, airline tickets, hotel reservation papers, and any relevant forms of ID. Ensure your phone is passworded, however, as in the event that your phone is stolen, you don’t want anybody gaining access to your docs for nefarious purposes.

By dealing with these small but essential details before leaving for vacation, you will be able to rest easy when you’re on the plane to your chosen destination. We hope you have a wonderful time!

**This is a collaborative post**

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