Explaining veggie life to a toddler

I came across an interesting thing today.

My son and husband are both meat eaters and I cook them meals containing meat daily.

I’m vegetarian because I don’t like the taste of meat; there’s no political or radical reason, I just can’t stomach it and I decided to give it up.

I have already in my first four meat-free months been called ‘awkward’ and ‘fussy’ which quite frankly is rude.  People automatically assume I’m on some ‘be kind to the animals’ crusade and I’m about to start dressing in tie-dye and colouring my hair blue.

The other assumption is that I’m vegan and they will proceed to ask how I cope without eggs and cheese and rolling their eyes at my size twenty frame and wondering why I’m fat if all I eat is salad leaves.

Uck. I don’t know why people have to pass judgement – I’ve eaten meat for 32 years and I just want to adjust to my meat-free life quietly and without stupid questions.

An elderly relative last week:

“What sort of vegetarian are you, you wear leather”.

Fuck.  My.  Life.  And it was faux leather, FYI Aunt Gwen…

But, attitudes aside, as a mum I want my son to grow up and make his own choices in life – for now I will continue to feed him meat and if he decides to stop when he is old enough to decide for himself, that’s fine by me.

If he doesn’t and wants to pass out drunk in my kitchen with his head in a dirty kebab, that’s fine by me – just because I choose to live my life meat-free, I don’t want to influence him.

But I am changing – I am finding my stomach churning when I have to handle and cook meat; I’m also not eating anything that contains meat products such as gelatine because the thought of it turns my guts.

I’m still mega pissed that Muller Lights contain Pork Gelatine.  I don’t even really like yoghurts but that’s not the point.

But I’ve always encouraged the boy to share and so life is a little tricky when he tries to force feed me his chicken nuggets and I have to say no.

What will I tell him?  Am I a hypocrite?  I tell him not to be fussy, but am I fussy?

As a parent you have to be able to stand tall and assert your authority over any situation – after all, you are the adult and they are the minor and in your care.

She says, after being held to ransom over a garibaldi this very morning…

But how on earth can I do that when I don’t eat meat and I’m losing my shit trying to get my child to eat a roast dinner?

“Mummy no like meat, me no like meat” was today at the dinner table.

Hmmmm.  ‘Tis a tricky one.  I also don’t know what I’ll tell him as he gets older when he asks why I don’t eat meat.

“Mummy doesn’t like the taste of sausage babe”

And that, my friends, is why my husband is always miserable….

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