Extend The Square Footage Of Your Home In 3 Easy Steps

If you are struggling to swing a cat in your humble abode, you might be tempted to put your house on the market and move onto larger pastures new. However, you don’t always have to take such drastic action. Instead, you can think about adding some much-needed space within your own pad. This is the place where you have raised a brood, enjoyed special moments and made some fantastic family memories. It would be such a shame to have to say goodbye to all of this in the quest for more space. Think about how you can add square footage to your home by following these three simple steps.

Go Up

If you are fortunate enough to have an attic space, you could consider a loft extension. By utilising some loft boarding from Instaloft, you can create a habitable new room up there. This could be that much sought after master suite you’ve always fancied. You could create another bedroom complete with en suite shower room. This will give your pad an extra touch of luxury and will provide that space for you to retreat to when you need some time to yourself. Alternatively, you could pass this part of the house to your growing brood. If your little darlings aren’t so little anymore, they will appreciate a space where they can do their own thing without prying eyes. An extension does require funds, but it will add value to your home.


Go Out

If you don’t fancy going into your loft space because you use this part of your home as storage, why not go outwards instead? If your kitchen is a tad poky and you long for that on-trend large kitchen diner, think about extending into your garden. You will need planning permission so seek advice from your local authority, but you could end up with a whole new hub of your home. This could be the new area where you can spend quality time together as a family. You can monitor the kids doing their homework while you rustle up a gastronomic feast, you can chat with pals over coffee, or you can prep for that dinner party you’ve always wanted to host. A kitchen diner will bring so much light and space into your home, you’ll wonder why you ever thought of moving in the first place.


Sometimes, we don’t need extra space at all, we simply need to clear the space we currently have so that we can enjoy our homes once again. If you have stuff peering out from every orifice within your home, you need to go on a decluttering mission. Go room by room and assess every item within them. If you haven’t used an item in over twelve months, it’s time to get rid. Make three piles – one for the dump, one for donation and one to sell on. Anything that is still in good order can be sold on eBay, and you can pocket the cash.

In our quest for extra space, we often think we need to move up the housing ladder. Instead of the costly process of moving, consider extending the square footage of your home instead.

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