Fall Beauty Tips To Improve Your Confidence

Fall is finally here, and it is a lot of our favourite seasons! During fall, we get to embrace those comfy sweaters, break out the mom jeans, and cuddle up with a warm latte. 


Now that the season has changed once more, it is time to change up our style and beauty regime to keep us happy and confident. Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can improve your confidence and feel effortlessly beautiful all winter long. 


Go smokey 


The smokey eye is perhaps the most iconic eye look of all time, and now is the perfect time to start wearing it. The beauty of the smokey eye is that it enhances the feminine features of the face and it can instantly make anyone look and feel fierce. You can choose the classic black smokey eye or try out a copper and brown look to suit the season, but either way you’ll be able to leave the house looking and feeling beautiful and confident. 


Try heatless hairstyles 


One of the best features you have on your body is your hair, and it can be used as a real accessory during they fall and winter. Take this opportunity to look after your hair and try out some simple heatless styles that will wow anyone you meet. For heatless beachy waves, simply braid your hair overnight and take it out the next morning. You can also create simple curls by wrapping your hair around the belt of a dressing gown while damp and letting it dry naturally! Have fun playing around with your hairstyles without using heat that would damage it. 


Look after your teeth 


Your teeth are a huge feature of your face, and it is important for your health as well as confidence to keep them healthy and white. You can find out more on cosmetic dentistry online, or try a few tricks at home to help whiten and brighten your teeth. One simple trick to try is a toothpaste made from baking soda and a smashed up strawberry. Mash into a paste and use this for at least 2 minutes a day. Within a week you should have stunningly white teeth without using harsh chemicals and expensive treatments. 


Keep it matte 


Summer is all about dewy and glowing skin, however the fall is the complete opposite. During the colder months of the year you want to keep your glow to a minimum and focus more on a matte look. This can be achieved by switching up your bronzer and contour to matte products and using a very subtle highlighter that will simply give your face a natural glow. 


Use warm colours 


Fall is the season of gold, orange and red. From the leaves falling off our trees to the pumpkins most of us bring into the house: warm hues are everywhere. To make the most of the season and feel stylish and confident every day: choose warm eyeshadows to brighten up and warm your face for this season. You can pair these makeup looks with a warmer hued hair and warm toned clothes such as red, mustard, and plum.

*this is a collaborative post*

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