Family Friendly: reviews, days out & much more!

I’ve decided to have a bit of a re-jig and go down a route more in keeping with the blog and so my previous posts labelled as “days out with a toddler” are changing to “Family Friendly”.

This is for a number of reasons:

1) the brat won’t be a toddler forever

2) DOWAT annoys me; it’s too long and cuts the title off when sharing

3) I wanted to incorporate us as a family including me, the hubs, the man cub and our fur babies aka Lucy dog and Pierre the cat.

4) it was a shit title.

So… it may change again in the future if I come across an epic name but for now “family friendly” ticks all the boxes and I’m excited to start writing and reviewing things that float my boat and the boats of my loved ones.

I have A LOT to catch up on but I’m hoping to cover:

– days out

– one off events

– festivals

– tourist attractions

– any other local shit that suits.

So, that’s what’s happening.  Watch this space!

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