#Fatherhood Friday featuring Aaron AKA Virtual Wombat

I have been in the blogging world for a few months now and I love The Bloggerhood – I’ve (virtually) met so many lovely people and I wanted to celebrate this by featuring some amazing daddy bloggers.

The blogging world is predominantly female-orientated and recently there’s been a spate of dad-blogger bashing which is not cool.

#FatherhoodFriday is a celebration of daddy bloggers and I’m so excited to share some awesome bloggers with you over the next few weeks – for anyone wishing to take part, you are more than welcome, please get in touch!

This week I am pleased to feature Aaron AKA Virtual Wombat…

Aaron is a massive nerd and a proud dad blogging at virtualwombat.com. He covers a variety of subjects from parenting to photography to gaming and entertainment. He is neither a wombat nor Australian, he doesn’t poop cubes.

1. Tell us a little about you, and your family…

I’m Aaron. My wife is Chermaine and our little boy is Eban. Chammy (A nickname for the other half, which comes from when we used to use her face to clean the car, true story) and I have been married for eight years.
Eban arrived just over a year later in 2009. He’ll be eight this August, which is one of the scariest things I’ve ever written. How time flies. We also have an evil kitty and destroyer of things called Willow and a dog called Dax. Dax has the IQ of a peanut butter sandwich.

2. Tell us about your blog…

I’m a relative newbie to the world of blogging. I actually only started in earnest from January this year, so I’ve just had my three-month anniversary. Virtual Wombat is now my main creative outlet.
I’ve always enjoyed writing and photography but I’ve never given myself a reason to share that love with others. My blog changed that very quickly and since launching I’ve been able to channel my inner nerd toward a variety of content.
I’ve been very lucky to have Chermaine as a guide in the early days. She’s already an accomplished blogger herself (@ChammyIRL on Twitter) so I’ve been able to avoid many missteps that I’d guess might have trapped me otherwise.

3. How did you feel when you discovered you were going to become a daddy for the first time?

We suffered nearly three years of continuously trying for a baby. It was painful at times and Chammy in particular ended up heartbroken month after month. I know there are people who have waited much longer than us mind, but I can sympathise with how difficult the process can be.
To cut a long story short, Chammy was eventually diagnosed with PCOS which explained to some extent our difficulties in conceiving. Just before the end of that third year however, I was greeted by screams from the bathroom as a positive test emerged from a shower of pee.
The feeling was overwhelming. Like waking up from a long sleep and finding that very best of dreams had finally come true.

4. Can you remember how you felt when your first child was born?

Due to some minor pregnancy complications it was decided that Chammy would be induced. I guess there’s a few the hubsefits to that. We knew day and date when our little ‘un would arrive and were able to plan accordingly.
Everything was over incredibly fast. Chammy’s delivery took us completely by surprise in that, after being warned that it might be some time by the midwife, Eban arrived with incredible haste after only a minute or two of pushing.

If you’ve never experienced those minutes yourself, they are utterly surreal. The arrival of a new life that you know is linked and possible because of your own. It’s the most profound experience of my life.

5. What has been your biggest challenge as a dad?

Patience. It’s my biggest challenge as a parent. There are times when any of us get a bit heated, I’ve had to work hard not to let things get on my nerves. Talking to your child about things calmly helps a hell of a lot.

6. Tell us a funny parenting story!

A tale to remind all parents not to leave anything within a toddler’s reach.

Once upon a time, Mummy and Daddy were cooking dinner. Daddy had just changed one of Eban’s nappies and was feeling appropriately light headed.

In the haze of poo smell several major centres of Daddy’s brain had shut down as he made his way from into the kitchen.

The Sudocrem was still on the changing mat… Open!

Eban, being a mischievous little tyke, took no pause in covering himself in it from head to toe. He paraded into the kitchen, an image of shiny white, like a snow man part transformed into a human.

Mummy and Daddy spent three lifetimes washing it off.

The End.

7. How do you fit blogging in around parenting?

I work full time, plus dadding and husbandry then blog around that. It’s a hectic schedule but it keeps me busy. I try and write two to three posts two days a week. That gives me enough content to get four or five posts a week up. It’s resulted in Virtual Wombat being one of the most content rich three month old blogs you’ll ever see.

8. What would you say are your best qualities as a parent?

Empathy and understanding. I’ve experienced a difficult and confusing childhood myself so I’ve seen first-hand how poor parenting practices can be detrimental to a child.

9. What advice would you give any first time dads?

Make time. These are years you will only get once. Work is important, you need to support your family. It’s only a small part of the equation though. If you miss something important you’ll never get that opportunity again. Find a balance that works and stick to it.

10. Name your top three parenting essentials for new dads/parents.

  • Always carry a selection of clean muslin squares

  • Get a good camera, you’ll wish you had if all you have in a few years is badly pixelated Facebook pictures.

  • Don’t spend lots of money on shoes, they last two minutes in the first few years. Shoezone is your friend!

You can find Aaron over at:






Thank you so much for reading, and a huge thank you to Aaron for joining in – if you like what you read, please share; and if you would like to join in, please get in touch!


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