#FatherhoodFriday featuring Daddyness

I have been in the blogging world for a few months now and I love The Bloggerhood – I’ve (virtually) met so many lovely people and I wanted to celebrate this by featuring some amazing daddy bloggers.

The blogging world is predominantly female-orientated and recently there’s been a spate of dad-blogger bashing which is not cool.

#FatherhoodFriday is a celebration of daddy bloggers and I’m so excited to share some awesome bloggers with you over the next few weeks – for anyone wishing to take part, you are more than welcome, please get in touch!

This week I am pleased to feature Dan AKA Daddyness…

1. Tell us a little about you, and your family…

My name is Dan and my online persona is daddynessblog. I am married to my lovely wife Charlotte and we have two kids together – Noah is 1 and a half years old and Amelia is almost 6 months old. We live in the south of England and hope to move up north very soon.

2. Tell us about your blog…

My blog was a last minute thought one evening when I was sat watching TV. I was bored as it was the same programmes on repeat. I just started writing and really enjoyed it. It makes me laugh as I write it down because it brings it all back. I just hope people like reading it as much as I like writing it! I literally started a last week (Sunday 23 April 2017). I like writing it and relatives and friends approach me saying how much they enjoy reading it and people on twitter and Facebook always mention me and tell me it’s very funny so it’s my fans that keep me writing it too.

3. How did you feel when you discovered you were going to become a daddy for the first time?

Me and Charlotte were trying for children for over 3 years so when we did eventually become pregnant, you’d expect me to be jumping for joy! I was, don’t get me wrong, but I also felt incredibly sick for some reason and had to sit down! I love being a dad though. My family is everything to me and I love everyday because it’s more memories to make and more stories to tell!

4. Can you remember how you felt when your first child was born?

I felt overjoyed! I don’t think anything will ever top that feeling of seeing both my children being born (once the midwife wiped all that weird goo away first obviously!)

5. What has been your biggest challenge as a dad?

My biggest challenge as a dad is being able to change a poo filled nappy without having to cover my nose with my t-shirt. I still do it and I probably always will. Babies are cute but the atrocities that come out of my monsters bums will haunt my dreams, and my nose, forever!

6. Tell us a funny parenting story!

One week in with our first born Noah and I had just changed his dirty nappy. Once I put his new nappy on, I folded the dirty one up and put it into a bag. I remember getting the worst tickling sensation in my nose ever and I needed to scratch it so bad. Once I’d sorted Noah out I scratched my nose and it felt AMAZING! I hugged Noah and we continued to watch TV together. I suddenly smelt poo. Really strong poo. I could also taste poo. I stood up and checked the mirror and I had a hitler style poo moustache with a little bit resting on my top lip too. Once I had decontaminated my face with the strongest cleaner I could find, I laughed so hard to myself.

7. How do you fit blogging in around parenting?

I don’t have a set schedule with blogging. I do it whenever I get five minutes and a thought pops in my head. I can be on the toilet, making coffee, lying in bed, even shopping! I’m like the Eminem of the blogging world I guess! I just keep writing little bits here and there, draft upon draft. I love it so much though so it never seems like a chore.

8. What would you say are your best qualities as a parent?

I think I’m reliable. I will do whatever I can to make my family happy. I like to think of myself as a comedian however my wife doesn’t agree. I just know that I will always be there for them. I will do whatever it takes, and as long as you try your best in all that you do, that’s all that matters.

9. What advice would you give any first time dads?

Get as much sleep as possible. Whenever you think you can get a sneaky 5 minute nap in, do it! Always keep the bottles clean and ready to go because running out of them can cause headaches for weeks. Get out on family walks and do as much as you can to make memories and more to just get out of the house. Everything you may have read, forget about it! You will find your own way to parent, as everyone else does.

10. Name your top three parenting essentials for new dads/parents.

– plenty of painkillers for those every day headaches!

– nothing you can do will stop a child having a melt down, so pick your favourite song and hum that to yourself until your kid decides to stops breathing fire.


You can find Daddyness here: daddynessblog.wordpress.com and his social media links are in the top bar of the menu.


Thank you so much for reading, and a huge thank you to Dan for joining in – if you like what you read, please share; and if you would like to join in, please get in touch!


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