#FatherhoodFriday featuring Kaiden Laverty

I have been in the blogging world for a few months now and I love The Bloggerhood – I’ve (virtually) met so many lovely people and I wanted to celebrate this by featuring some amazing daddy bloggers.

The blogging world is predominantly female-orientated and recently there’s been a spate of dad-blogger bashing which is not cool.

#FatherhoodFriday is a celebration of daddy bloggers and I’m so excited to share some awesome bloggers with you  – for anyone wishing to take part, you are more than welcome, please get in touch!

This week I am pleased to feature Kaiden Laverty AKA The Habitual Blogger.

Kaiden is a lifestyle & parenting blogger who is passionate about sharing his parenting journey as a stay-at-home dad.

1. Tell us a little about you, and your family…

My name is Kaiden and I live in Suffolk with my partner, Jamie, and our son, Joshua. I’m a freelance writer, blogger and stay-at-home dad. Joshua is 2.5 years old and we call him our tiny tornado because he’s such a rush of energy and has the ability to destroy anything around him within seconds! But he’s such a gorgeous little boy, he’s funny, kind and smart and I don’t think a day goes by when he doesn’t have everyone in stitches.

2. Tell us about your blog…

I started my first blog back in 2013, before my son was born. I wanted to write about becoming a first-time dad and juggling university. The duties of being a stay-at-home dad then took over and I couldn’t commit, but I recently got back into it. I want to share all things parenthood as well as my mental health journey. I think the blogging world can often feel a bit ‘mum focused’ at times so I wanted to share from a dads perspective.

3. How did you feel when you discovered you were going to become a daddy for the first time?

Excited! I know I should have been nervous, considering I was still at university and trying to find my way in the world, but I was so excited. I’ve always wanted children and never thought it would happen to me. I couldn’t stop smiling. But it certainly was a shock!

4. Can you remember how you felt when your first child was born?

To be completely honest, it wasn’t at all how I imagined it to be. He was whisked away at birth because he had some difficulties and wasn’t given back to us for a while, so I found it difficult bonding with my boy that day. But once we got home and he was all okay, I couldn’t believe he was all mine. I was overwhelmed and filled with complete joy!

5. What has been your biggest challenge as a dad?

Judgements from other parents (and even non-parents!) make it really frustrating. But I think most parents experience this, sadly.

6. Tell us a funny parenting story!

When I picked Joshua up from preschool one day he was bouncing around because he got given a sticker. I pointed and asked if it was for me (it’s a game we play) and he very loudly declared in front of everyone “No, Dada no touch my dick”, because he can’t say ‘sticker’.

7. How do you fit blogging in around parenting?

I have a schedule and write out to-do lists each day. In the mornings, when Joshua is at preschool, I either focus on blogging or my freelance work and I do the other one in the evenings. The time in between when he is home from preschool, I spend with Joshua. We either go for walks, visit his Nana, parks or stay in and play or watch TV together.

8. What would you say are your best qualities as a parent?

I think that the best part about me being a dad is that I will do absolutely anything for my boy, just like my dad did with me. I want Joshua to know he can always talk to me and I will do my hardest to sort out any problems so he doesn’t have to worry. I never want my boy to suffer or have any worries – I know that’s unrealistic but that’s what I strive for.

9. What advice would you give any first time dads?

The best advice I think I could give anyone is to, ironically, not listen to anyone! People will have their opinions and ways of parenting, which will differ to yours, but they won’t know your baby as good as you do. Just do your thing!

Oh, and you know those ‘folds’ on your baby’s vest sleeves? They’re designed so you can peel vests off… handy for when a poo emergency occurs! It took me a while of struggling to slide poo filled vests off my sons head before I realised.

10. Name your top three parenting essentials for new dads/parents.

Lots of muslin clothes (they’re ridiculously handy for cleaning up the inevitable spillages and projectile vomit), a travel kettle for the bedroom (no need to rush downstairs at 2:30am to prepare bottles!) and a stock of infacol and calpol (just in case!)

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Twitter: @kaiden_laverty

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Thank you so much for reading, and a huge thank you to Kaiden for joining in – if you like what you read, please share; and if you would like to join in, please get in touch!


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