I’m feeling better at last

I’ve now done a full week on duloxetine, the new anti depressant my GP has recommended I try.

What a week.

Days 1-3 were a blur of exhaustion and nausea.

Days 4 and onwards are still pure exhaustion but with the chronic shits thrown in.


But mood wise how do I feel?

I definitely feel better; I’m not crying – in fact I haven’t cried at all.

I’m not really feeling any extreme emotions like I was – not crying at films or books as I would normally do multiple times a day.

I feel lots of love; especially for the mancub.  Feels like my heart could burst.

I feel more patient and not as angry.  I’ve not really lost my shit this week at all.

I know these things take time to take full affect but already I feel different, fingers crossed they continue to do a good job.

Hope you are all well and good – I’m off on my holibobs in a few days so the blog will be quiet until I’m back.

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