Feeling ROARSOME with Dino World from HTI toys

I’m pretty sure the boy has been vehicle mad since the day he was born – and now aged three and a half he is even more car/plane/lorry crazy than ever.

Everywhere we go all he wants to buy is cars.  If he finds 2p under the sofa(I dread to think what else is under there) he tells me he’s going to buy cars.  And it’s great that he’s so into something, however it can be hard to find an education aspect to anything with wheels.

The lovely people at HTI toys sent us some dinosaur goodies to check out and I wasn’t sure how he would be – however he was fascinated by the dinosaurs and loved playing with them.  We obviously had to involve the cars somehow but still, it’s a start…

With the new Jurassic Park movie out this summer the world has gone dino-crazy and who doesn’t love a dinosaur, right?

The first thing we found was the Magic Grow Dino Hatchling – you pop the egg in water and watch the little dude hatch and grow.  The little man was fascinated by it and checked on it every ten minutes for two days.  A hit, hurrah!

One rainy afternoon we had a go at the Dino World Dig & Discover – I’d say this is suitable for ages 7 and up and is a good way to keep inquisitive little ones busy for a while.  You get a block of clay and a (plastic) hammer and chisel.  I’d say this is best done on a tea towel or in the garden as it’s quite dusty.  Great fun though, especially when you find something…

This little chap came in an egg filled with slime.  I thought it was gross, the little dude found it fascinating…

The toy dinosaurs from Dino World are sturdy and have no rough edges, so were perfect for my little man and he was interested to find out what they were called and why they were the shape they are.

The Dino World range of toys also includes different Dig & Discover kits, little Dino Buddies on a clip to take anywhere, and a smaller version of the excavation kits.  There is something for all ages and the prices range from £1.99 for the Dino Buddies up to £9.99 for some of the bigger dinosaurs.

You can find out more over on the HTI toys website and you can buy Dino World from The Entertainer – have a roarsome time(boom).

**We were sent some dino-goodies in return for an honest review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own**



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