Fitting my blog around daily life

I desperately tried to come up with a title for this that was remotely interesting but it just isn’t happening.

When I started my blog-a-log four months ago I had no idea that it would become what it has for me.  It’s opened up a whole new community of bloggers and virtual friends; it’s become an outlet for voicing my personal issues and struggles; and its made something I already enjoyed into a true hobby – writing.

I’ve always written – from a young age I used to love writing stories and every single exam or course I’ve ever done, I always smashed the writing.  I’m not saying I’m any good at it, everyone has different tastes and I may not appeal to anyone all, but it’s something I enjoy immensely and always have done.

One day my ultimate goal would be to write a book – be it a children’s book, or a novel, but for now I’m working towards short stories and articles.

I never thought I could write for a hobby.  I always assumed knitting, cross stitch and colouring were enough for me; but nothing beats the satisfaction and buzz of writing something and someone reading it let alone enjoying it.  I even quite enjoy the negative comments; as I love a debate and to try and see things from all perspectives.

With this new found love affair, I am struggling to manage my time.

I work two long days a week and I’m a stay-at-home mum the other five days.

I’m studying a Biology GCSE.  I have a house to run and clean.

I have a child to nurture, grow and care for.

Simply punching a rant out on my phone or iPad isn’t enough anymore; running a blog and website is time consuming and is starting to eat into my time.  That sounds negative but it really isn’t, I love my new-found love and I want to balance it with everything else.

I try and set myself a goal to write two blog posts a week; but sometimes I’m exhausted or lacking inspiration.  Some days I have so many ideas; some days I have what I think is a good idea, when after I’ve wrote it I hate it.

The rest of the days I hate the world and I can’t write anything – it’s a bit like how I can’t drive for shit when my time of the month visits.  My hormones flick a switch in my brain that disables my ability to park let alone reverse.

I have a few people who would like me to write regular articles for them.  This is major exciting, and completely shit scary at the same time.

I’m feeling poorly at the moment and I currently have no clean clothes; my house needs hoovering and I’m behind with chores and life in general.

But I crave writing.  I now carry a notebook(nerd alert) so I can jot down any ideas that come into my head when I’m out and about.

My goal for today and the next few days is to try and manage my time a little better, and to get everything done and remember the buzz I get enjoying a coffee and a rest when all my chores are done.  Today so far I have a load of washing on and the kitchen is clean, tidy and sorted.  I’ve even written out the contents of my freezer.

I want to spend half an hour catching up on linkys and blogmin(I love that word Anna) and then blitz upstairs.

Do you stick to a schedule?  How do you fit your blog and writing around life?

Maybe I need to write a table-schedule or something.  I love a table…


18 thoughts on “Fitting my blog around daily life

  1. There is so much work that goes into maintaining a blog, it’s really difficult to fit it in around everything else we have to do! I definitely wish I was more organised, but I just get done what I can! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS, hope you come back again next Sunday x

  2. I too am struggling to fit writing on my blog regularly, looking after and nurturing my 12 month old Son, keeping the house clean and spending some time with my O/H. It’s alot to juggle, but you’re also working p/t AND studying so kudos to you x Hope you find the balance soon #KCACOLS

  3. It’s hard, I’m 7 months in and it’s very time consuming. I try not to do too much in the evenings (she says at 9.30pm) as its time with my husband. I use my daughters nap time (2 hours on a good day) 4 days a week and a couple of hours on a nursery day. I’m screwed when she drops her nap!! #BlogCrush

  4. it is tough trying to juggle it all. when I started blogging it wasn’t that serious for me. but now, it’s become everything. I love it so much. I spend every evening once b is in bed blogging. I usually stop by 9 to pop a bit of Netflix on! good luck with your gcse too – there’s no way I could fit that in aswell! hats off! #KCACOLS

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