Five Signs That You Should Change Your Mattress

Your mattress is an important part of furniture. When you are looking for the perfect mattress you want to find one that’s supportive, comfortable and hard-wearing. They can be expensive after all (especially if you get a memory foam or latex one), so you want to know that the one that you’ve purchased will last a few years. It’s not something that you should replace every couple of years by any means – that’s a little drastic. But you should keep an eye out for how long you have had it and for the signs it needs changing.

When it comes to cleaning your mattress, it’s clear that there are a few mattress cleaning tips that you should follow in order to make the most out of it. Firstly, you should try to get any stains out as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will build up and result in you having to purchase a new one (a sign that is explored in more detail below). It’s easy to spill tea, wine or other liquids onto it, but you shouldn’t let them remain there. Secondly, you should try to hoover your mattress at least once every 5 or 6 months. If you don’t dust can build up, resulting in dust mites that can cause allergic reactions (amongst other issues). It might be easy to forget to hoover them, but in order to prevent the build-up, it’s essential. There are many hoovers that have a detachable nozzle that you can use to hoover it, as well as some that are lightweight.  

So what are the top five signs that you should change your mattress?


  • Your mattress is 8+ years old

Ok, so you can prolong the life of your mattress by a couple of years by ensuring that it’s cleaned regularly. But, it’s clear that a mattress will wear out quickly throughout the years due to the number of people who sleep in it and the movements that occur throughout the night. It will also depend on the type of mattress you have and which manufacturer it has come from.

Excessive wear and tear will undoubtedly result in the mattress ageing faster – they aren’t designed to last a lifetime after all. If your mattress is creeping up to 10 years old, it might be time to switch it out for a new one. If you do switch it out, you can always give your old mattress to a charity such as the Salvation Army or if they won’t take it, take it to the tip. It’s better, however, if it is in an alright condition to give it to a charity as it can then be passed onto those who need it.

  2) If your mattress has lost its shape

If the mattress is sagging, it’s a sign that it might need replacing. Over the years, your body will leave a shape in the mattress. This can break down the springs or could leave sagging in the mattress material. As the mattress starts to sag the more uncomfortable it will become. It will result in you waking up feeling groggy, achy and can disrupt your sleep. The moment you start to notice a prominent sag in the material, replace your mattress.

3) Your allergies/asthma is getting worse

Following on from the point that you should try to clean your mattress every six months, if you don’t it will worsen your asthma or allergies. As dust mites and their faeces build up it can result in you sneezing and coughing. It can also cause rashes and asthma attacks. If you have cleaned your mattress and flipped it and yet it is still occurring, it’s a sign that you need to replace your mattress as soon as possible.

 4) Your spine alignment is incorrect when you sleep

If your mattress isn’t giving your body the support that it needs when you sleep, you won’t get the best sleep possible. An indication that you need to change your mattress is if it isn’t following your spine alignment. Even if you have a pillow that’s designed to help with alignment, if your mattress isn’t in line with how you sleep, you will need to replace it. For example, those who sleep on their backs, if the S curve that occurs by lying on the bed is exaggerated, the mattress isn’t following your spine correctly.

5) If your mattress causes discomfort

Following on from point #2, if your bed isn’t comfortable and providing pressure relief on your body, it might have to be replaced. You do most of your sleeping on your mattress (if you’re on holiday sometimes you can stand an uncomfortable mattress as you know it’s for the short term) so you want to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. An uncomfortable mattress will cause your body to ache and result in you waking up needing more sleep. Even if you test it out in a showroom, sometimes the mattress when within it is within your home isn’t as comfortable as you thought. Many mattress manufacturers will offer a guarantee if you do want to change it.

But if it is something that you have been dealing with for a while, it’s time to swap it out for a more comfortable option. Sometimes it will become uncomfortable due to springs breaking or, as mentioned above, sagging.

They are just five signs that you should change your mattress. If you think you do need to change it, make sure that you take a look online at several types to find the most suitable one for you and buy it from a reputable manufacturer. It also gives you a better indication of prices and how the type of mattress ramps up the price. It’s also important to visit a showroom and test it the mattresses out, as buying a mattress online can be risky – you don’t know how comfortable it really is and it might not align your spine correctly.

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