Forget Dry January – TRY January Is Where It’s At

Drinking in excess is neither big nor clever, remember that children. But at the same time, when a mama’s got a lot on her plate and life is just RIVETING at times, what’s a woman to do. A little tipple at the end of a tedious day never hurt anyone.  A glass or two to celebrate something spectacular is to be expected surely. And yes, if you’ve had a heavy one over the festive period, a little break is good. But if you’re not a big drinker and a little something here and then is a pleasurable part of life, torturing yourself with Dry January is just dumb. And, more importantly, we’re all meant to be starting the year with a bang. With positive thinking. With excitement. Not angry and resentful due to your most desired vibe vanishing.

So, to make this month a little more exciting, Try January seems much more appealing.  And here’s how to do it.

New Food

Let’s kick things off with something fun.  Because we all know dieting in January is tough, so why not try new things?  A little wasabi will certainly spice up life for a while, that’s for sure.

A New Exercise

While running a marathon is madness and squeezing yourself into a swimming costume doesn’t sound all that appealing, trying something new could be.  The gym, a dance class – try something out of your comfort zone!

Get organised

Grab a new diary, and get organised – why not try meal planning, or planning work projects in advance?  Get your bills in order, sort your car insurance, be prepared!

Better Yourself

We can always learn new things, so why not try and better yourself? You want to try new things – so read.  Learn a language.  Go to a class.  Meet new people.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone so that the dull and dreariness of January is all forgotten about.

To Smile

So this one bucks the trend. It’s a little less silly and way more serious. And it’s also borderline boring too. But it works, so have patience. Because smiling makes you happy. Go on – do it, you’ll  see. The second you smile, you cannot help but feel happy. And it makes you laugh too. And that’s what life is all about. So as much as the other points are a bit of fun, this one is here to make your life better. So go ahead and smile, even if you feel silly doing it!


**This is a collaborative post**


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