Freshen up your office space

The office.  When you think of an office it’s usually a grey space with a small desk and a computer, and not much else.

I worked in an office for nine years and often found myself staring into space – I didn’t even have a window to gaze out of – so I found ways to make my desk and little space of the office as bright and comfortable as possible.

Sitting comfortably?

First things first – you can’t spend all day sitting down if you chair is about as comfortable as a bed of nails… most employers by law have to do an assessment regularly and should offer advice on working comfortable and ergonomically.  Even if you grabbed the short straw and have the oldest chair in the office you can buy back supports and leg rests to make your working day as comfortable as possible.

Mouse, mice, mouses

Computer work can cause aches and pains and the most common are wrist and hand pain such as carpal tunnel and RSI.  Mice come in a number of shapes and sizes, as do mousemats – you can get specialist wrist supports if need be.

Click, click… neck crick?

Neck pain is also all too common – your computer monitor should be level with your eyes and you shouldn’t have to stoop or stretch.  You can angle most monitors or get screen risers to help.

Eye candy

Some offices can be strict on what you can and can’t have on your desk so it’s always best to check, however, if you are always at the same desk why not make it a little more homely?  A new pen pot, plant, photograph – make your space your own and make your working day that little bit happier.  With websites like for ordering office supplies, stationery, furniture you don’t even have to physically go shopping, just order online for fast delivery.

Breaking free

Experts say that regular breaks are a must, especially for anyone working with computers for long periods of time.  It’s essential to try and take a short break every 1-2 hours, as work permits – stretch your legs and prevent eye strain.

Hydration for the nation

Sitting at a desk all day can mean it’s easy to live on sugary drinks and snacks and it’s vital to be conscious of this – I gained three stone in my office-based years and it’s so important to try and be healthy, stay hydrated and try to stay away from the birthday cakes that seem to crop up daily!

Does your office space need an MOT?  From a plant to new furniture, there is so much you can do to improve your space and make your working day happier and healthier 🙂

**This is a collaborative post**

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