Choosing new lights & the front room

We’ve been decorating recently, starting with the kitchen and now we are about the start the front room.

We rent our house and we have an amazing landlord who over the years has really looked after us; so we are wanting to make the front room bright and airy and a room to relax in.

We bought our sofa five years ago, it seemed like the grown up thing to do, so we went out and spent an obscene amount of money on a somewhat bright sofa.

I’ve grown to hate it – I eventually would like a two-seater sofa and one of those gorgeous snuggle chairs that you can sink into.  They feel like a hug in a chair.  Lush.

Himolla’s smart ranges of sofas, chairs and recliners are perfect for your home, and I’ve found a couple I’ve fallen in love with.

The room is plain at the moment, with scuffed magnolia walls and not a lot going on aside from a few photos.

I love lights – candles, electric – I especially find candlelight so relaxing and I love nothing more than a hot bubbly bath with some smelly candles.

Unfortunately with a small child I can’t leave candles around so I’ve been looking at all sorts of things, from wall sconces to neon signs, there is so much to choose from.

I wish I had some taste and some design skill, so back to Pinterest I go to find my dream room!


**This is a sponsored post.  For more information please check out my disclosure here.**

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