Fun Activities To Do With Ageing Parents

Understandably, as you get older and your responsibilities become more time consuming, you may not get to spend as much time with your ageing parents as you once did. Whether your parents live with you, in a care home, you must spend time with them regularly. The challenge here is to find which activities will be fun enough for an ageing parent. As you read on, you will find some activities that can be fun for you and your parents.

  • Learn a new game


When you decide to spend some time with your parents, you need to consider their mobility status. Although your elderly parents may not be able to move around without assistance, there are still some games you can play to keep them active and have fun! You should consider games like monopoly, chess, dominos, bingo, mahjong, pinochle, rummy and go-fish. 

  • Read together 


Spending time reading books with your elderly parents is another great activity to partake in. Reading together not only creates a bond between you and your parents, but it also helps them sharpen their cognitive skills, improving parts of their brain responsible for speaking and recollecting. You can see this as a reading club with your parents. You may select a few interesting books like the Bookshop Detective or Under an Amber Sky and allocate time for discussions. You can make time to enjoy each other’s company while you all enjoy reading material of your choice.

  • Enjoy movies and TV shows


Another fun activity you can use to create fun memories and bond with your ageing loved ones is enjoying movies and TV shows. There are many exciting movies and TV shows you can choose that will meet your interest. Besides, there are few movies your parents can’t get enough of, so a day of reruns is never such a bad idea. Create movie nights of butter popcorn and snacks with your family to great lasting memories. If your parents are TV series fanatics, love cooking shows or various documentaries, you can binge-watch it with them too.

  • Try a new restaurant


Taking your parents out to try a new restaurant can be a routine fun activity. You may choose any restaurant you know that they have never visited. It will be a fantastic time to make them relive moments in their younger years. The whole experience of dressing up and going out on a date to a restaurant is the fun part they will always look forward to. You can add some more classes to the evening by offering to be their chauffeur. Or you can go on a double date with your spouse and your parents! 


Your ageing parents may be old, but it is never too late to keep them engaged in fun activities to create more memories! While these may serve as a guide, you are not limited to choose one. Find the blend and do what will bring some fun in their life in their old age.



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