Sorting the garden for the Winter

**This is a collaborative post**

We are into December; Christmas is fast approaching and the garden is looking awful.  It’s hard to get out there in the Winter but it looks an absolute mess and it’s driving me mad.

My back often prevents me from doing things and the garden is one of those jobs I can’t do – it cripples me for days so it’s quite frustrating to look out the window and see a muddy bog.

We have a dog and a cat also, who use the garden as a giant toilet – I’d like to say I keep on top of things ‘litter’ wise but I’m a bit rubbish.  Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

Back in the Summer my dad helped me rearrange things and sort the lawn and patio – it looked amazing but now it just looks like a gloomy muddy mess.  I’ve considered hiring a gardener or some sort of company that offer garden service but it’s money I don’t really have and I really want to try and be a little bit green=fingered.

My main bugbear is the fences – we’ve had various panels replaced over the last couple of years so they are all different colours.  I love the pastel green colour wood paint you can get and it looks a little bit shabby chic.

This time of year there isn’t much you can do flower-wise to make a garden look nicer so I’m a huge fan of garden ornaments – we have a factory locally that makes all sorts of models and sculptures from concrete which are lots of fun.

Leaves, leaves, all the wet soggy leaves – it’s a miserable and gloomy time of year and the constant falling of leaves makes for a damp and muddy garden.  Of course this is nature and it’s just the way it is but it’s so gloomy – I’m actively trying to get out and rake up the leaves at least once a week.

I’ve also been looking at bushes and shrubs to try and spruce things up – but they can work out pricey and I haven’t got an awful lot of space.

The garden seems destined to be a little bit damp and gloomy this Winter – do you have any tips on sprucing it up?



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