Getting organised

I love being organised – I’ve always got a notebook or organiser nearby and I’m always scribbling down things I need to remember.  I’ve never quite regained the memory I had before having a baby four years ago.

I’m blaming baby brain(he’ll be thirty and I’ll still say the same).

My blog has been running for nearly a year and a half now – I always thought blogging would be easy but it takes up a huge amount of time and I’m struggling to balance writing/blogging with being a mum, wife and also working 20 hours a week.

As the boy gets older I seem to have less and less time – and I’m getting stressed because I can’t juggle everything.

It’s currently 7pm on a Wednesday night as I write this – I’ve got a huge pile of washing up to do, I’m supposed to be at slimming club and instead I’m despairing over my workload.


Anyways, enough of the moaning – I’ve been trying to find ways to keep track of everything blog/writing related – as well as writing for my own blog, I also write for other websites and I have started paid freelance work – I need a system.

I need to get organised.

So I’ve decided to commandeer a portion of my kitchen wall and install a whiteboard, next to the kitchen table where I tend to work.

Image credit Sundeala(I wish my workspace looked like this)

And after much searching(who knew there was so much choice?) I decided to go for a mixed whiteboard and pin-type board from Sundeala.

It comes in a selection of colours, I loved the blue; you can pin and hang things from one side and use a dry wipe marker and magnets on the other – it looks stylish and does exactly what I need it to.

Image credit Sundeala(I do love a squared book or board. And orchid goals)

I also love the ethos behind the company – they are UK-based and long established; and all products are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled waste.  At a time when the long term problems caused by plastic and other non-recyclable products are featuring on the news daily it’s refreshing to find a company that are so passionate about the environment.  And they have been doing so for a very long time.

After a week of having my wallboard up I can safely say that it’s making a huge difference – I can jot leads, emails and things to remember down easily and pin receipts and paperwork too.

I did find a sneaky pizza menu up there though…




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