Getting the car Winter ready

After a long hot Summer we’ve been spoilt weather wise and the cold, wet weather is a total shock to the system.  Although the UK is strangely still mild(it’s November) the chilly weather is on it’s way.

The car has been playing up – it’s a ten year old Ford C-Max(total mum-mobile) and it’s never liked the cold.  It’s like a grumpy teenager – if the temperature drops below 5°C it won’t start and plays up until it warms up.

I totally understand that I sound like a crazy woman – it’s only a car I know but we are a one-car family and if it breaks down or goes wrong we don’t have the money to fix it.

My husband isn’t at all mechanically minded – it’s me that deals with the car and tops the oil and water up and so on, so I wanted to get a head start on the cold weather and try and get the car Winter ready.

Oil and water

I’m the first to admit that I’m terrible for not checking the oil and water prior to a long journey or even on a regular basis – get into the habit of checking once every couple of weeks just in case.


As well as hot weather deteriorating tyres cold weather can do the same – check the treads and pressures regularly to ensure all is well.


Here in the UK an MOT test is a legal requirement – it’s a yearly test of vehicle safety, road-worthiness and exhaust emissions for all cars over three years old.  It’s easy to drive around sometimes not knowing that things like the brake pads/discs, signal lights and seat belts might be faulty so it’s important to make sure it’s done.  Most garages offer MOT testing and you can also book MOT tests online at most places with just a few clicks, such as Iverson MOT London Branch.


Servicing is usually done at the same time as an MOT but I’m guilty of trying to save a few pennies and not booking a service; however the car always runs better after a service and it’s always good to get the oil, filters and spark plugs changed as well as checking the overall ‘health’ of the car.

Give it a wash

I’m terrible for not cleaning the car – hubs is equally as bad, we tend to forget that it needs washing and hoovering regularly and as much as it doesn’t affect the running of the car it does keep the paintwork and everything else clean and in good condition.

I’m hoping for no costly repairs this Winter – have you any tips for keeping your car running through the Winter?

**This is a collaborative post**


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