Going Potty: An Update


Well.  Blow me.

This morning out of nowhere, the mancub decided to dig out the potty, sit on it and had a wee.

I was shocked.  And bloody proud.  I cried.

So we went out, did some shopping, and went to the dentist.  He opened his mouth and cooperated and behaved perfectly.  Wowzers.

We played Toot-Toot cars, I threw a wobbler with the track, he just played nicely.

We watched Finding Dory, I cried, he cuddled me. Awesome film by the way.

He has been good all day.

About five pm he decided to sit on the potty and then proudly told me he had done a poo.

I was so pleased and so was he; we had lots of praise and lots of cuddles.

So, is that it?  What happens next?

I guess we keep him in nappies when we are out and just encourage him to use the potty and toilet, nappies at night etc, and just play it by ear.

This is one of those parts of parenting I hate; for the following reasons:

  1. Children don’t come with manuals.  They just let you grow them in your belly and then take them home.  And from there its just a case of winging it and keeping them alive.  I can’t keep a plant alive but I think I’m doing okay with the small human.
  2. Everyone has an opinion.  My word, I’ve heard them all.  Potty training seems to be done in many different ways and as much as I love a bit of advice I have grown a little sick of the “my child was potty trained at six months old” and other ridiculous and irritating comments.  “Is he clean yet?” – he’s not a crack addict, he’s a child and there is plenty of time.
  3. Every child is different.  What works for one doesn’t work for another and they are all so different.  Just because one child potty trains at 18 months doesn’t mean a sibling will.
  4. Forcing them just doesn’t work.  These small people are super feisty and they know their own minds.  Well mine does anyway.  I’m not convinced we are 100% there right now but the best thing I have done is just let him do it in his own time.  And I love trusting my instincts and letting him learn and just guiding him.  Makes my heart hurt.

So, there we go.  We are on our way to a nappy free existence.  Even if it takes a year, we are on our way.

How did the day end?  He sat on my bed and pissed.  Soaked the damn mattress.

And breathe.

3 thoughts on “Going Potty: An Update

  1. Well done little man! We did nappy when out and potty at home for atleast a month before we started going with just pants. It’s a slow process but letting your child lead the way is definitely the best approach. Thanks for linking up to #BlogCrush xx

  2. Awww well done!!! That’s brilliant news. It’s one of those things isn’t it.. you just have to go with the flow and cross all your fingers. It comes with time. Apparently once they start knowing and having control over everything going on down there, something will eventually just click. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  3. I hear you lovely! We’ve just kind of got there with the twoodler. I think you’ve got it spot on – just go with what seems right for them. I’ve now trained two children and when people ask me how I genuinely have no idea? They just kind of did it. Because they were ready and they wanted to? Well done Mumma! (Oh and err hope the mattress is OK.) :0) #blogcrush x

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