Going Potty: a fresh approach

I’m not one to count months but for the purposes of this post the mancub is currently 31 months old, roughly two and a half and is resisting the potty still.


I currently have a plain white potty which he refuses to use.  Point blank.  Won’t even acknowledge it’s existence.

Friends and family(not all I might add) are piling on the pressure to get the boy ‘clean’ and ‘dry’ – terms which piss me off; he is two and a half, what is the rush?

“My daughter was dry at 18 months”

“I started my boy on the potty as a newborn and he took to it so much better”

“He is two, he shouldn’t still be in nappies”


Do I care about other children?  Not really.

Do I care what other people think?  Not really.

So why the pressure?  And why are people so concerned about my son and his toilet training?

Anyways – me and the boy are going on a little trip into town today as I have a plan.

We are going to give the potty another go and try it a different way.

I’m going to let the little man choose a potty – I’m thinking if he has a more exciting potty then it may tempt him.  We are also going to make a chart and buy stickers… because everyone loves a sticker right?

Wish us luck!


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