A guide to creating the perfect open plan family kitchen

Would you like to open up your kitchen to create a stylish, spacious and practical area where you can cook, eat and spend time with family and friends? If so, keep reading. In this guide, we offer some useful tips that could help you to design the perfect open plan family kitchen. 

Decide on the best use of space

Your first priority will be deciding exactly how to use the space. Whether you’re knocking down internal walls to join your kitchen to your dining or living area or  building an extension with a experienced builders to give you the extra space you need, it’s important to think how you’ll divide the room up. As kitchen experts Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets highlight, one option is to include a peninsular unit that separates your cooking area from your dining and socialising space. This will help you to construct a visible distinction between the two areas and it also provides you with additional storage
and worktop space. Another option is to include a half wall that creates a visual break between the food preparation area and the rest of the room.  Alternatively, if you want to keep the room completely open, you could include a statement island unit or breakfast bar. Like peninsular units, these design features give you added cabinetry and worktops, but they don’t break up the visual flow of kitchen-diners in the same way.

Create zones

Even if you want to design an open, flowing kitchen, it’s a good idea to create zones within this room that distinguish the living and dining areas from the cooking space.  This will make the room look more interesting and ensure it’s intuitive to use. For example, consider switching up the flooring in your dining area by including a colourful rug, and opt for mood lighting over these parts of the room too. This will contrast with the task lighting in your food preparation area and create a more relaxed vibe. Low-hanging oversized pendants can work perfectly above dining
tables, and floor lamps can also make a good addition to living and dining areas.  Include lots of storage  No one wants to spend time eating and relaxing in a messy kitchen, so lots of storage is a must in open plan cooking areas. To ensure the room isn’t dominated by too many units, ensure you make clever use of the space available. For example, you could include full-height units that allow you to take advantage of the vertical space on offer, and it’s a good idea to incorporate magic corner units too.  It’s also useful to make storage for crockery, cutlery and glassware easily accessible from the dining zone.

Choose quiet appliances

A loud dishwasher or coffee machine could ruin the ambience of meals in your open plan space, so try to opt for quiet appliances. If you can, position your washing machine and tumble dryer in a separate utility area too so that you can run these appliances without spoiling family time in your kitchen.  On a related point, it’s wise to ensure you have a good extractor fan above your hob to help clear cooking smells when you’re preparing meals.  By taking advice like this into account when you’re designing your open plan kitchen, you should succeed in creating a stylish and enjoyable room that can truly be the heart of your home.


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