Review: Guinness World Records Challenges game

Christmas Day is all about the board games in our household and the sillier the better – so when we were sent a copy of Guiness World Records Challenges from Megableu to try it looked right up our street.

It’s all about testing your knowledge of Guinness World Records and completing challenges to make your way around the board and crossing the finish line first.


The box contains the board, 150 cards containing 600 questions about Guinness Word Records, 20 challenge cards(orange and purple), instructions, a notebook, ping-pong ball, 5 counters and a dice.

Guinness World Records Challenges #guinnessworldrecords #gwrc #boardgames

You do need additional household objects to play – any items you don’t have you can just skip those challenges.

Guinness World Records Challenges #guinnessworldrecords #gwrc #boardgames

The question cards show a photo of a Guinness World Record holder on one side and on the other side a record description with four questions relating to the featured record.

The challenge cards are split into two categories; one being a 30 second challenge(orange) and the other a best tine challenge(purple).

Guinness World Records Challenges #guinnessworldrecords #gwrc #boardgames

How to play

The board is easy to set up – you place the counters on the start square, shuffle all cards and place them in the marked space on the board and place a smartphone displaying a timer(or a standard timer) in the centre.

Guinness World Records Challenges #guinnessworldrecords #gwrc #boardgames

The number of cards given to each player depends on the number of people playing(don’t worry this is detailed in the instructions) and once distributed the youngest player goes first.

Guinness World Records Challenges #guinnessworldrecords #gwrc #boardgames

You throw the dice and move the amount of spaces it suggests.  If it shows a colour move your counter to the next challenge square.

Guinness World Records Challenges #guinnessworldrecords #gwrc #boardgames

The question and challenge cards are easy to follow – it’s all good fun and no real knowledge is required, guesses are fun.

If you answer a question correctly or beat the challenge you throw and move again, if you don’t the go moves to the next player.

Our verdict

Overall it’s a really simple game despite initially looking like it had lots of bits to it; it’s effectively a quiz with a board game element but saying that it is good fun and it’s really quick to play with an average play time of 45 minutes.

Guinness Word Records Challenges is suitable for ages 8 and over and it suitable for 2-5 players.

You can purchase it from Amazon UK hereplease note this is an affiliate link and I earn a small amount of commission from purchases made via this link.

**We were sent a copy of this game in exchange for this review.  As always all opinions are honest and my own.**

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