Helping Your Home Get Over Winter

It’s not been a bad winter, as they go and certainly not compared to the great snows of 2018. But, it’s still been winter. There have been cold days and frost, lots of rain and mud and plenty of leaves flying around. Even a reasonably mild winter, isn’t summer, after all. While it’s going on, most of us just try to make the best of it. We enjoy nights snuggled up indoors. We wrap up warm and try to prevent coughs and colds, and we do our best to keep mud and cold out of our homes.

But, now spring is on its way, and the weather is starting to improve, you might be starting to notice that your home and garden needs a little TLC. That winter has left its mark and that you’ve got a little work to do if you want to get your home looking its best before the warmer weather takes hold. Let’s take a look at some of the things that we can do to help our homes get over winter.

Get Rid of Damp

Damp can be a big problem during winter when it’s wet and cold, especially if you live in an older house which might not have the best insulation. Damp can lead to the growth of mould, give your home a nasty smell, increase the risk of further damage and reduce the quality of the air. Finding the right damp proofing specialist can help to remove any damp that you’ve already got and protect your home in the future.

Clear Your Garden

Chances are your garden is a little bit of a mess right now. There might still be leaves on the ground, your fences might need some work, furniture might be damaged, and your grass might need some love. This is the perfect time to get out there. First, take some time to clean up. Remove rubbish and leaves, take away anything that is damaged beyond repair or that you no longer want. Then, make repairs, clean up, paint and varnish what needs it. Finally spend some time tending to your plants, treating your lawn and adding seed, and planning any new flowers that you want.

Clean Your Carpets

Even if you’ve got a strict no shoes in the house policy, some mud and winter debris is bound to have found its way in, especially if you’ve got young kids or pets. Over winter, you’ll do your best to keep it tidy, but when it keeps coming there’s only so much that you can do. Now is the time to clean carpets, hiring a cleaner if necessary, and dry clean rugs.

Service Your Boiler

Your boiler might have had to work a lot harder than usual over the last few months. This causes natural wear and tear. You might think that there’s no need to service it until you need it again. But, if it quickly gets cold, it might be too late. Have your boiler serviced now and you’ll know that it will be ready when you need it.


**This is a collaborative post**

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