Holiday goals: next year?

I am really lucky to have been on holiday once a year; we had a lovely week in Cornwall this year, Dorset last year and we have family on the Isle of Wight which always feels like a mini break when we visit.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m the worlds worst flyer – I’m terrified!  But I love going abroad – the warm sunshine, blue seas and skies, the food(obviously) and seeing different parts of the world.  

I’m a huge fan of UK holidays but you don’t always get the chance to relax as you would if you went abroad, on a beach holiday for example.  So next year I have big plans!

Viva Espana?

Spain is an obvious choice for a holiday – it’s a short flight and guaranteed golden sands and sunshine.  I love the Canary Islands, with a slightly longer flight time from the UK but the extra degrees are so worth it!

My big fat Greek… getaway?

I visited Rhodes, Crete and Cyprus as a child and have some gorgeous memories of long days spent on the beach.  I also love the historical aspect – Rhodes has the acropolis in Lindos, Crete the former leper colony of Spinalonga and lots to see; a perfect way to enjoy some lazy days broken up with sightseeing.

And then there’s Tzatziki.  Yummers.

Portugal(I couldn’t think of anything witty, sorry…)

I’ve never been to Portugal.  My grandparents used to spend two weeks in the Algarve every year and they loved it so I guess I always saw it as, well, a place for old people.  But from looking online it looks like a lovely place for families.  It’s definitely on the list.

Give me all the pasta

Italy has a reputation for being rather pricey and we’ve all read the horror stories of two beers costing £150 or something ridiculous.  However it has towns and cities full of culture and beach resorts to suit all budgets and preferences.  Plus, the food – I’d come home 4 stone fatter.

No more working for a week or two…. or three?

Picking the destination is tricky but what about the duration?  Do we go for the bog-standard one week?  Extend to ten days?  Or go all-out and book a long stay for three or more weeks?  Wouldn’t that be the dream, eh?

J’adore le… Vino?

France, France, beautiful France.  I’d love to do a driving holiday around France.  The food, the wine – what’s not to love?

Channelling the Channel Islands(I’ll stop now)

I’ve never been to Jersey, Guernsey or any of the other Channel Islands but they fascinate me and we’ve spoken lots of times about going on a walking holiday.  It’s difficult with the boy being little as it’s not fair to expect him to ramble for miles and miles.  We have thought about spending a weekend there, without him, for our wedding anniversary in May.   Hmmmm.


There are some awesome tips and interviews over on Falcondale Life, too…

Or maybe we’ll just stay in the UK like every other year… we do love a staycation, after all…

One thought on “Holiday goals: next year?

  1. I am embarking on my first ever girls trip to Mexico in October and besides feeling guilty, I am terrified yet excited. 3 of my best girlfriends that I have been friends with for over 40 years, how much fun can one girl handle in a week? I will let you know. But my hubby and I are trying to figure out what to do for our 35th anniversary next year. I want sun, sand and tropical drinks and he wants to raft down the Grand Canyon….what to do, what to do?? I look forward to hearing what you choose, I would love any one of those!

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