How to be Chronically Clean: housework tips for people with chronic illness

**This is a collaborative post**

Chronic illness can be(is) a bit of a b*tch and can make life a bit tricky.  I’m a weird one – I can be messy and disorganised but I’m stupidly house proud and I love a nice clean and tidy house.

My ankylosing spondylitis means I’m sometimes in quite a bit of pain and I’m exhausted 99% of the time so I try to find little ways to make my chores easier and quicker – and I’ve included them here…

The Vacuum of Dreams

For years I’ve flitted between cylinder and upright hoovers and struggled with both – trying to manoeuvre around the house and up the stairs with a bulky or heavy vacuum is a nightmare so I recently invested in a Dyson cordless handheld and although it only holds enough charge for 20 minutes it means I can zip around the house quickly and easily.  (Not an ad – but it is the Vacuum of Dreams for me)

Vacuum Cleaner


My house is half-carpet half-wooden floors but I’m keen to get wooden flooring through the whole lower floors of the house.  I find it so much easier to steam-mop or wipe the floors, as opposed to carpet that just clings on to fluff and animal hair.


I’m terrible with laundry – it’s the hardest job for me as lifting the basket and bending to reach the washing machine cripples me, therefore I’m terrible for leaving it for a week and then spending a long miserable day ploughing through tonnes of it.  A load a day keeps it at bay(poetic) and makes things much easier to keep on top of.

Washing Machine


The kitchen is the room I spend a lot of time in, cooking and baking and so on, it’s also the one place I like to keep clean and tidy as it makes life so much easier.  I use disinfectant wipes to wipe over the work surfaces, and I try to keep my cupboards organised so it makes those bad days that little bit easier.


I tend to forget about the bedrooms – once we are up and dressed I’m terrible for forgetting to make the bed and tidy up so I try to get up, take my medication(which has to be taken on an empty stomach 30-60mins before food or drink) and set a timer and go and tidy upstairs, grab a loud of laundry and make the beds.

Cleaning Products

Most importantly of all

It can all wait – if you don’t feel well enough to do anything, rest up and don’t worry about it – make the best of your better days and don’t sweat the small stuff!

**This is a collaborative post**


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