How Do You Get The Best Deal On A Hotel Stay?

These days, travellers have so much choice when it comes to accommodation. From five-star luxury hotels to budget overnight stays and from serviced apartments to finding an AirBnB, there are almost endless options. The comfort and convenience of where you stay is a massive part of how well your break goes overall. But sifting through everything, trying to find the right fit and get the best deal can be very confusing. So how do you put a process in place to make sure that you choose the right place to stay when you’re away from home? 


Decide Your Budget


Of course, when you have a whole lot of options, one of the main guiding factors has to be your budget – what are you prepared to spend on your stay? How important is the accommodation? Would you rather save a bit on a hotel and have more to spend on meals out and sightseeing? Or is the quality and location of where you stay really important to you? If you do a quick travel budget plan, you’ll have a better idea and won’t waste time looking at venues which are out of your price range. 


Think About Timings


Pricing and availability is all connected with where you stay. If you’re looking at the Dorsett Hotel, City getting a good deal is going to be a very different matter from a rental cottage in the Peak District. Some hotels – generally speaking, rural ones – are busier at weekends with tourists. Others, perhaps in the city centre, are likely to be busier during the week with business travellers. If you aim to time your stay for when the hotel is likely to be less busy, then you can get a better deal. The timing of when you book also has a lot to do with it – if you can book two to three months in advance then you can generally access good rates, or conversely if you can leave it until the day that you want to stay, you’re also likely to secure a cut price deal. 


Look For Real Photos


They say that the camera never lies, but that’s certainly not true when it comes to hotel advertising. Much like estate agents, hotel advertisers can be very skilful at choosing great angles to make rooms look huge and concealing less desirable features. And it’s never a nice feeling to check in only to find that where you’re staying looks completely different from the listing. Look in the TripAdvisor reviews section for real photos or search social media hashtags and blog posts to find real, non-airbrushed pictures. At least that way you’ll know exactly what to expect. While you’re there, take the time to read through the reviews to see what people really thought about the place – you get a level of detail and insight that you wouldn’t otherwise get. 


It is possible to get the best stay for the money you have available and the location that you want, you just have to take the time to do a bit of research and understand exactly what you’re getting and when to book for the best deal. 

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