How do you like your eggs in the morning 

Yep, this is random as, I know.

But I bloody love scrambled eggs.  

Ever since I was little I’ve loved them all ways, cheesy, marmite, bovril, you name it.

And then from about my early teens it became the norm to microwave scrambled eggs.

Bleurgh. Gross.

And so from then until late last year I’ve not been able to stomach scrambled egg, the thought of that watery rubbery mess turns my stomach.

While in search of a happier and healthier life, eggs are the big thing. They are fresh,  cheap, and packed with protein, keeping you fuller for longer and very good for you.

Last year while I dabbled with a well known diet I actually ruined a frying pan using low calorie spray, that shit is terrible and I’ve since had to replace most of my pots and pans. 

Low calorie it may be but something that resembles plastic and is a serial killer of kitchenware can’t be good for you right?

Hmmm, fried eggs are out then and I can’t poach an egg for shit.

I was watching something on the tellie and they were talking about simple cooking skills that get overlooked, like pastry making, boiling an egg, omelettes and other really simple stuff.

This got me thinking: I want to make the ultimate scrambled egg.

Exciting right? (Don’t answer that…)

So I played about with a few methods, googled the shit out of it and I came up with what I think is proper tasty, filling and to me is the ultimate scrambled egg.

1. Free range eggs are the key here.  Firstly I don’t like the idea of caged hens, I love proper eggs sourced locally where I can see my chicken running about and having a happy life.  Secondly they taste so much better than caged hen eggs, I’m not wanting to get into any debates here but for me it can only be free range and we want awesome tasting eggs, so its win win.

2. Break 2-4(depending on how hungry/how many people) eggs into a dry clean bowl.  Make sure no shell gets in there, no one wants crunch in scrambled eggs.  Spew.

3. Using a fork whisk the shit out of your eggs.  Add a little salt and pepper as to your taste. Once mixed pour into small saucepan or milk pan and cook on a low heat.  It must be as low as you can get it.

4. Keep stirring. Stir stir stir. You can adjust the heat up a little until you start feeling the eggs catch on the bottom of the pan and then turn back down.  By turn up I mean to the highest low setting you have, stay on low all the time.  Did I mention low?

5. Keep stirring, it’s a slow process but worth it in the end.  You will get to a point where the eggs start thickening; just stir the shit out of them…

6. You are waiting for your eggs to be thick, silky and smooth, and slightly underdone, as they will continue cooking when taken off the heat anyways.  Photo 4 shows this consistency, kind of looks like Welsh rarebit or macaroni cheese.

7. Remove from heat, and serve, you can add anything you like, cheese and/or marmite is my favourite.  This morning I served mine on top of mushrooms and tomatoes. Yum.

My toddler loves it done this way, it’s also perfect for weaning as it’s not lumpy at all; the beauty is you can mix it up and hide things they don’t like in it. Handy for those bloody awful fussy eater phases.

It also doesn’t seem to smell eggy, and it’s not underdone at all – I do not like undercooked eggs, ever.  It turns my stomach, especially on a fried egg(I call it mingey when it’s like that, nasty word I know).

So there you go… either I’ve helped you on a new scrambled egg adventure or you have fallen asleep… 


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