How much weight can you gain in a day?

Do you ever find yourself googling ridiculous things?

I found myself asking stupid questions all the time and it’s addictive – I’m also guilty of going through pages and pages of search results to find an answer that I’m happy with.  Hmm.

After a good weigh-in I had a bit of a carb blow-out. My body just craves bread and cheese at the moment and I managed to consume:

  • 8 buttery breadsticks
  • 2 toasted cheese sandwiches(it was the tiny no crust bread to be fair)
  • Leftover pasta bake
  • Chips(oven ones… I’d have given up a limb for fresh ones).

I find myself getting guilty that I have sabotaged my weight loss and I beat myself up constantly about eating badly.

So I wanted to do a bit of research into the science behind weight gain and weight loss and to find it if you really could gain weight in a day.

Water is a huge factor in weight – I know myself that some days I can carry up to 5lb more in water weight; so what is water weight?

The body is made up of 50-60 per cent water and the amount of water your body retains fluctuates constantly. The food you eat such as carbs, sugar and salt all play a part in water retention and believe it or not the more water your drink the less water you retain.

So how much food do you have to eat to gain weight and is this possible in one day?

Statistically speaking, a pound of fat equates to 3,500 calories – which is double the current recommended daily intake. Taking into account the calories your body burns just by doing it’s thing and your metabolism you would have to eat your daily calorie allowance plus 3,500 calories to gain a pound of weight.

And when talking about weight gain, as above, you are talking about fat and water, and so when you have a splurge and step on the scales you are more likely to see a gain which consists of water not fat.

So it’s good news – you can’t gain weight in a day – if you do, it’s only water and it will level out.

I feel strangely happy that I’ve actually looked into the science of eating rather than listening to the negative binge-eater inside me, as silly as that sounds…


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