How social media is changing how we eat and drink

**This is a collaborative post**

We love food, we love drink and, nowadays, we love social media. There’s no doubt that technology is changing the way we go about our everyday lives.  At the beginning of the year, research found that 83% of the UK’s adult population are active on social media. While we are using this platform to stay in contact with each other, we are also posting snaps of our days in a way to ‘boast’ about our activities, whether this is regarding our latest adventure, or most recent choice of food.

Here, with plastic cups suppliers, Inn Supplies, we discuss how social media is indeed changing our eating and drinking habits – can social media affects how and what we eat?

Meal Portions

A study has shown that highly active social media users are actually eating smaller portions. This is due to the fact they aren’t willing to part with enough time to eat a large meal. Whether this is the case or not, it’s concerning to think that people are putting their social media addiction ahead of gaining the nutrients needed.

Food envy

We all have a friend who will make every meal Instagrammable, right?  Every meal, whether home-cooked out out and about turns into an art form to make it social-media fabulous.  I don’t know about you but it gives me serious food envy, while I’m drinking my cold coffee and eating half a jam sandwich!

Choice of food

It’s not all bad though, social media wise – it’s actually helping us eat healthier.  People are sharing balanced and healthy dishes and it’s easy to inspire others to make better meal choices.  It’s so easy to screenshot recipes or print/save them, there’s no excuse.  Facebook ads and groups are also a great way to find new recipes.

Kathy Smart, CEO of Live the Smart Way says: “You are more apt to try a recipe or a new food when you see a picture of it and have a friend or person you trust recommend trying it or how to use it.”

The key fact here is that most of the recipes shared online are quick and simple to make; mostly diet friendly too which is appealing to all.  Advice nowadays is to eat a colourful mix of food – the more colourful the better and the more attractive!


With the advances in technology, being a social media influencer or blogger is now classified as a job for some.  This role allows the user to establish credibility and persuade a large audience to purchase goods. 

It’s not easy though – every part of your life becomes public, you have to be prepared to share snippets of your life and you are expected to dress it up if you want to attract brands and companies – so all is not always as ‘insta-fabulous’ as it seems…

It’s interesting going forward to see how social media will affect food and diet trends – it only takes an influencer with say 50,000 followers to make a suggestion and the ripple effect is phenomenal!



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