How To Create The Best Rustic Kitchen

When you move into a new home or you simply want to spruce up your house for summer, renovating your kitchen can be a really fun place to start. The rustic theme never goes out of fashion, and can be made in a very unique and beautiful way and for such a small price when you try some DIY. Creating your very own rustic kitchen needn’t be a hard task, as there are so many simple steps you can follow to ensure it looks amazing whilst still functioning appropriately. If you want to find out how to transform your cooking and entertaining space, read these handy hints and tips to get you started on the road to rustic renovation!

Stick To A Colour Scheme

When you start planning your very own kitchen design, the most important thing you must do to make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing instead of a totally terrible is stick to a set colour scheme. When your kitchen is a complete mess of colours with mix and match tones with clashing patterns and shades, the overall feel will just be very chaotic, cluttered and unsophisticated as a whole. Choose a maximum of 4 different colours to use within your kitchen, and use these colours to accentuate the positive features of your kitchen whilst helping to create an inviting and homely atmosphere. The best colours to choose to create the best rustic kitchen are those that are warm and autumnal, with one main different shade that you personally enjoy to switch it up from the rest and give a little pop of contrast. Browns, including wood materials of any natural shade, are great tones to use for fittings and features to give your kitchen that ‘reclaimed’ and older vintage feel. Pale colours such as baby blue and salmon pink are great to use in very small quantities, as these were very common colours for kitchen furnishings way back when, so can immediately improve on the rustic feel. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of white, as this can brighten up the room to no end and allow you to essentially have a ‘clean sheet’ to further emphasise on your other design features and help you to keep the clean and crisp atmosphere that most people look for in a food preparation and social entertaining space in their home.

The Furniture Inside  

The pieces of furniture inside your kitchen have a big impact on the overall feel. To ensure this is a beautifully rustic feel, why not think about investing in some reclaimed furniture or simply reworking what you already have? Most wood furniture such as tables and chairs can be easily stripped of their paint, sanded down and repainted or simple white washed or polished to achieve an amazing whole new piece. This can cost you little or nothing to do, and the fact that you had to put in a little more effort to make it work will help you appreciate it more whenever you see it standing proud in your new kitchen design. Try to keep all of your appliances in one set with matching colours of designs so they don’t look mismatched and odd. If you have a breakfast bar or kitchen table that requires some chairs, take the opportunity to practice some more DIY and create some of your own unique seat cushions to add a little bit of comfort with your own very personal touch. Keep the amount of excess furniture to a minimum as you do not want it to become overcrowded, and aim to add small reclaimed and salvaged vintage touches throughout, such as antique plates, mason jars and almost anything made of wood. Another great way to tone down the room whilst adding small touches is by bringing in some life and a bit of the outside. Plants make great additions to any rustic kitchen, and can still serve an actual purpose if you decide to invest in some herbs such as live basil or mint.

Walls & Floor

The walls that line your kitchen can have a massive impact on how rustic and homely it can feel. If they are too dark or cold in colour, it will be such an uninviting room that will feel low energy and somewhat compressing because of the heaviness in shade. Opting for a lighter more warm shade such as vanilla or a light orange, as this will make the space feel more open and uplifting instead. Add some little design features to spice things up, like some vintage chef or food posters, or some pieces of art and other creative features. Tiles are a great addition to a rustic kitchens walls or floor, as you can often find such beautiful reclaimed and vintage tiles that can transform your room into an authentic old traditional haven. Wood is also a perfect material to use on the floor, as its very hard wearing and strong yet it can bring a softer more natural edge to the kitchen’s atmosphere. If you’re unsure of what to do about any windows, this guide to choosing the most suitable kitchen blinds should help you figure out what’s best for your room and make the smartest investment for your rustic aesthetic. Ensure that whatever you choose to coat your walls and floor in doesn’t clash with the other and that instead they tie in perfectly to make a wonderful rustic feel.

Hopefully these tricks can help you to create the most beautiful rustic kitchen you could ever dream of having inside your home. Be sure to plan your design beforehand to establish which colours and tones you would like to use to create the best aesthetic base, and plan which additions you need to tie the room together. Stick to vintage and reclaimed furniture and furnishings or simply try to create your own to get a really unique vibe; don’t be afraid of making something completely new out of your old stuff as this can save you money and help to create a very individual kitchen like no other.

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