How to Find Your Perfect Family Home

Let’s face it, family life is pretty hectic at the best of times, and this is only amplified a thousand times over if your living space isn’t working for you. Finding a home that best suits the needs of you and your family won’t make life perfect, but it will help you to overcome some of those daily annoyances that every parent faces.

If you’ve decided that you want to move, but aren’t sure where to move to or what type of house you want, read on for some top tips to help you decide.

Location, Location, Location

Moving house raises lots of questions, but the most pressing one is where will you move to? Do you want to stay in your current area to be close to work? Do you dream of moving further away to be closer to friends and family? Do you fancy a taste of the country lifestyle, or would you like to move to the town to be close to all the local amenities? Thinking carefully about where you would like to live sets the parameters for your search, and will help to narrow down your choice of property.

When deciding on a location, it’s worth to think about what type of place best suits your family’s lifestyle. Are you outdoorsy people that would love to live in the countryside so that you can enjoy long walks and bike rides? Are you a family that loves to shop and eat out, and would like to be closer to the town centre? Finding an area that best suits your lifestyle is an easy way to make your move work best for you.

From a logistical point of view, it is worth considering how easy it is to get to the places you need to be from where you plan to move to, such as your work, the supermarket, etc. Think about whether you will need a car to get about, how far will you need to travel each day? What are the transport links like, is there a train station or bus route nearby? Thinking about things from a logistical point of view isn’t hugely exciting, but it is essential if you are moving to make your life easier. You certainly don’t want to add to your stress by spending hours in the car ferrying the kids about each day and trying to break up arguments in the back while stuck in long traffic queues.

When you have decided on your location, think about the type of house you would like to buy. If for example, you want a new build then Redrow Homes have a wide choice of new properties available.

Having kids raises a whole lot of considerations that you never needed to think about when you’ve moved in the past. With kids in tow, things like local schools and nurseries come into play, bringing with it all those questions of Ofsted reports and catchment areas. It’s a good idea to do your research on these kinds of school-related considerations in advance. It’s also worth thinking about the distance from the school to the houses that you are looking at and thinking about whether they are walkable, or whether you will need to drive.


Lack of space is an issue that many families face, while your home may have seemed roomy enough when you moved in, throw a couple of little people into the mix along with their mountains of plastic toys and you will soon find that your house is bursting at the seams.

Of course, how many bedrooms that you need is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a new family home. If your kids are currently sharing, and they’re fighting over their shared space on a daily basis, then you may want to think about searching for somewhere with an extra bedroom. If your family is still growing looking for a home with the potential for further development is a great option. Finding a home with the capacity to add an extension or convert the loft could be a useful option if you find yourself in need of further bedrooms at a later date. If you find a house where extending could be an option, take a look at other homes on the same road to see if they also seem to have had extensions or loft conversions – look out for roof windows as a tell-tale sign of this.


As all parents know, kids may be small, but they have a LOT of stuff! Storage may not have been something that you ever really thought about pre-kids, but as a parent storage becomes your new best friend.

Storage is a big thing to look out for when choosing a family home. Whether it’s inbuilt cupboards and shelving, or simply having the spare space to put in your own storage solutions, you’ll be thankful for it if you find a home with the capacity to store your kids ever-growing collections of toys, clothes, books, pots of slime, tiny plastic collectibles, pebbles, sticks… you get the idea!

Outside Space

Having a property with outside space is always a big plus, whether you have kids or not. A garden, no matter what size can really help to enrich family life, and offers loads of opportunities for fun. Getting the kids to spend time away from their devices and getting them outside in the fresh air and keeping active is always a bonus.

Having some outside space is also great for keeping kids entertained, especially over the school holidays when days out and ice creams leave your bank balance a lot lighter than usual; think cheap and cheerful, such as lots of time on the trampoline, bug hunts, and garden picnics.

If having a garden isn’t an option for you, for example, if you are looking to buy a flat, then finding somewhere with outdoor space close by, such as a recreation ground or play park nearby could be the best solution.


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