How to Foster Your Child’s Curiosity

Every human is born curious about their surroundings, but it’s also clear that some are more curious than others. So what’s the difference between the people who stay curious about the world into adulthood, and the ones that lose that aspect of their personality? While there are many factors, perhaps the most important factor is how their curiosity was treated when they were younger. It’s typically the people who had parents that encouraged their curiosity that stay that way into adulthood. 


If you’re wondering how you can promote curiosity in your child, take a read below, where we outline some tried and tested tips.


Follow Their Lead


One of the best ways to promote curiosity in your child is to show them that it’s a good thing, and something that they should do more often. Alas, sometimes curiosity is unintentionally squashed out of a child. This happens when the parents dictate every moment of their life — they just don’t have any space to put their inquisitive mind into practice. The next time you’re playing or exploring, look at following their lead for a little while. You don’t know where it’ll end up, and what avenues of thinking you’ll open up in their mind.


Ask and Answer Questions


Part of curiosity is physical — as in, actively exploring new spaces. But it’s also a mental activity. Projecting your mind and thinking bigger is a skill that’ll serve you well in life! You can push your child in this direction by asking thought-provoking questions that get the wheels in their minds turning. Also, think about how you’re answering the questions they ask. Yes, it can be a bit annoying to answer complicated questions when you’re tired, but you’ll be helping them to form their own view of the world.


Creative Playtime


Playtime is going to form a huge part of your child’s life, and while you’ll want to ensure that all elements of play are covered, pay particular attention to the ones that get their creative juices flowing. One such way to do this is to invest in a play kitchen set from Small Smart; they’ll be watching you do the real thing in the kitchen every day, and this will allow them to put what they’ve seen into practice. As well as this, take a look at engaging in extravagant playtime with them — it’ll give their creativity a boost. 


Around the Home 


There’ll be plenty of times when your child is sitting there bored, and just wants something to do! They’ll find something, so make sure that the thing they find helps to boost their curiosity. One good way to do this is to have a home that’s filled with engaging books. Who knows what spark might just ignite in their minds when they pick up those books? As well as books, art on the walls and tools for creation (such as colouring in books and the like) can also help. 


Take the tips above, and you’ll have one curious individual on your hands!

*this is a collaborative post*


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