How To Get The Classic Rustic Look

With the busy nature of modern life, many of us find ourselves lusting after something from a bygone era. You might find yourself wondering how you can get this look in your own home and it’s actually easier than you might think. There’s a fine line between getting the rustic look in your home to it looking outdated. Here’s how to strike the perfect balance…

Don’t Be Shy With Dark Colours


Most of us believe that if we have too much dark in our interior, then it will look gloomy and inviting and this can be true – too much of anything isn’t good. However don’t be afraid to introduce dark wood, as it adds a real authentic and classical look to your home. Pair it with lighter colours to add that gorgeous contrast while still keeping it nice and rustic. Dark wood has that desirable, old world feel, creating the perfect distinction between your home and the modern world. 


Plenty of Wood…


When you’re thinking rustic, you want to be going down the route of as much natural materials as possible. This means lots of wood furniture and floors, wicker chairs and wool. A good place to start if you’re completely revamping is the floor! Solid wood flooring is a good way to go, and if you get one with plenty of knots and grains flowing throughout this will scream rustic, there’s no better option! If you’re a fan of a more classical rustic look, then a dark walnut wood will really offer a plush feel. Both of these options will fill your interior with character! If your budget doesn’t quite meet solid wood, then engineered, laminate and vinyl are all more affordable options with the same authentic look. 


The same goes for furniture and walls too – a wood feature wall will really make your home stand out and is the perfect solution if you’re not sure on how to decorate your walls. Or even expose wooden beams if your home has them, giving that cottage country feel! In terms of furniture, dark wood works well or even a white shabby chic appeal. 


Traditional Fabrics


Fabrics are an important part of any interior and usually come last. They’re one of the most important features when it comes to a rustic interior, providing warmth and comfort. Tartan, velvet and wool will really complement the natural materials. You can enjoy these fabrics in many different colours, but especially rich colours such as emerald green, royal blue and duck egg.

Lax Colours


With wood and natural materials featuring heavily in your interior, soft colours for the rest will enhance a relaxed sense that you need in your home. Tactile colours such as pastels and whites will create the perfect back drop to a dark wood floor for example – it’ll really make your interior pop! Wallpaper always works well, with faded wallpaper adding to that shabby chic look. Don’t over do it though, the last thing you want is a clash of too many patterns! 


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