How To Hygge Your Home For 2020

Most of us have avoided snow in the UK so far this winter, but it won’t be long before the country gets a dusting of the white stuff. When the temperatures plummet, and the winter weather really kicks in, it gets many of us thinking about how we can make our home cozy and comfortable, ready for snuggling up in


There is a word for this concept: hygge. It’s a Danish term that cannot be directly translated to English, but essentially, it is all about comfort and happiness. While it is so much more than a home decor trend and a theme to pretty Instagram photos, in this article, we will look at some of the ways you can bring a Hygge vibe into your home in 2020.

Create a nook


By a nook, we mean a little area, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home. It might be somewhere you can curl up with a good book and lose yourself for a couple of hours, or where you can let yourself float away with the music. Small, intimate spaces with plenty of cushions and blankets and soft lighting work best for this.


Add some warmth


Central heating can give off a claggy, artificial sort of heat. While this is the only option of adding warmth for many people, if you do have a fire or Log Burner, use that to give out a softer and more authentic heat. After all, there is nothing more ‘hygge’ than sitting in front of the fire on a chilly winter night!


Neutral colour theme


Now, hygge can be whatever makes you feel cozy and comfortable, but generally speaking, a neutral colour palette lends itself best to the concept. If you do want to add a touch of colour, think muted blush pinks, soft blues and pale greens.


Layered textiles


The cosy vibe can easily be achieved with throws,, adding layers of wool and faux fur to your sofa and bed, as well as pillows and cushions. Rugs should be extra thick and cosy. For a truly authentic Scandinavian vibe, add some sheepskin. 


Light it up


One of the best ways of achieving a sense of calm and an atmospheric atmosphere is with lighting. Candles are the way to go here, as long as you are careful if there are young children and/or pets around. The goal here is to create an atmospheric atmosphere so that the candles are the way to go. The Danish are the biggest consumers of candles in the world, so they know something or two about keeping them cosy through a long winter. Keep the candles that you burn as natural as possible, as most of the scented candles have a lot of chemicals that are released into the air. Build layers of candles, with ones at different heights to add interest. Twinkling fairy lights are also a great way of softly lighting a space as well.


What are your favourite ways to make a home feel cosy?

**This is a collaborative post**

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