How to Make the Most of 2018 Jean Trends to Enhance your Figure

Jeans are great. They are comfortable, can be worn virtually anywhere and provided you choose the right pair they can cover up a multitude of sins. Large stores like JD Williams make it really easy for you to find jeans that are perfect for you. This retailer sells them in 5 lengths, 10 cuts, and several colours. Best of all, they always jeans in stock ranging from size 8-26.

Wider cuts

Skinny jeans have been in fashion for many years; however wider-legged cuts of jeans are coming back into fashion and for anyone who is not comfortable wearing a skinny-cut it means standard and boyfriend cut jeans are back in.

As a plus-size chick myself I love skinny jeans; teamed with a baggy blouse or jumper they are on-trend yest comfortable.  I prefer a longer top over skinny jeans as I find it more flattering however it’s up to you how you style your look.

Bootcut jeans were my favourite cut a few years back, they suited my height and size and looked good with trainers or heels; with a casual jumper or a smart top.  They are very versatile style-wise.

Longer jeans

As we move from Summer to Autumn the days are getting shorter and the temperature is cooling down; which after living in cropped jeans all summer is a shock to the system.

I find that full-length skinny jeans look awesome with knee/shin-high boots or even Chelsea boots, which are a wardrobe must-have again this year.  I also love wearing a plain black t-shirt over any style of jeans with a summery Kimono over the top; it’s a really flattering look for me and is a good way to use my summer wardrobe as we move into Winter.

A comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans

For A/W 2018, ‘mum’ jeans appear to be on the way out, which is a bit of a shame because they were super comfortable. Fortunately, boyfriend cuts are taking over.

Boyfriend jeans are super baggy and super comfy; they are usually high-waisted which in my case prevents ant accidentally flashing of underwear!  Again you can totally dress them up or down depending on your look.

More choice on the high street

On average a high percentage of women in the UK are classed as ‘plus-size’; which is deemed anyone a UK size 16 or over.  More and more shops both in the high street and online are catering for all sizes; with most stores now stocking all styles and lengths in sizes 8-26.

I’m guilty at times of believing that smaller jeans will look better and I end up cutting myself in half in jeans a size or two too small – own your curves, wear your size with pride and be cool and comfortable!

Finish off your outfit

Once you have found the perfect pair of jeans for you, take the time to finish things off with the right accessories. A good quality bag and boots really will make a difference to how stylish you look. So, don’t skimp on this part of your outfit.

Be ready for Jeans for Genes day

So there you have it, this year’s biggest denim trends and how to use them to enhance your figure. All you need to do to be ready for Jeans for Genes day, 21st September, is to choose a style you like. That way you will be able to support this great charity and help children who suffer from genetic disorders to live longer and fuller lives.

**This is a collaborative post**

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