How To Make Your Bathroom Stand Out In All The Right Ways

Your bathroom can be a very understated space at times, and yet it holds so much purpose, that it should be appreciated. You will often find some stunning home interior designs, and yet all standards drop when you see the bathroom as it tends to be the spot where the door always remains shut, and as a result, nobody bothers to spend any time on it. But you need to remember that you don’t decorate and care for your home just so your guests can be wowed – you do it because it’s where you reside and you want it to feel cared for and cosy and attractive, because it’s yours to enjoy.

If you’re not quite sure how to do that though, then here are a couple of examples of how to make your bathroom stand out in all the right ways.

Creating your perfect feature wall

A feature wall will essentially be the main focus in your bathroom, hence why it’s called a feature. There are many different ways of how to draw attention to it, you just need to let your creative juices flow. If you like to get your hands dirty and think of yourself as a bit of an artist, then you can try your hand at painting. It doesn’t have to be anything in particular, you can be as abstract as you want and come up with an intriguing piece directly on the wall, or on a canvas that you then hang up. If this isn’t for you, then have a look at some vox wall panels instead. You can find 3d imagery that calls out to be seen, while fitting in perfectly with the elements that a bathroom gives out.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Every room needs its own colour scheme as a way of bringing it to life. You can choose to either maintain a natural flow throughout your whole home, or give each room their very own personality and style. It all boils down to the look you want your bathroom to have. If you’re looking to give it a calm and relaxing feel – almost spa-like, then you’ll want to focus on earthy colours that are grounding and soothing. For example, olive greens, warm mochas, chocolate browns, and charcoal greys. You will also want to select another colour that will be your colour pop, where you drops hints of it around the bathroom. A peacock teal, or a burnt orange would work very well for this.

So now that you have a couple of ideas, what more are you waiting for? There are so many things that you can play around with to give your bathroom that love and attention it deserves. And as a result, you get to then reap all the benefits yourself in return once you’re unwinding in a hot bubble bath, with lit scented candles, your favourite playlist, and a much-needed glass of prosecco.


**This is a collaborative post**

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