How To Plan A Surprise Trip For Your Partner

Being able to plan a surprise for someone you love is a great feeling and is something that will really mean a lot more than just another gift that’s been bought for the sake of buying something, so if you’re looking for something really special to do for your partner and would like to plan a surprise trip for them, then in this post we’re going to share with you how to plan a surprise trip for your partner.

Choose the dates

Choosing the dates when you’re planning to travel is obviously going to be the first priority here, so making sure you take some time to check on your calendar when you can actually go and that your partner will also be able to go is an important first step. Also, the dates often affect the price of things, so if you’re trying to stick to a budget, then you need to make sure you know what dates you can save the most money.

Choose the location

If you’re planning a surprise trip, then the location is a pretty big one to think of and it’s also going to impact things like the cost and when you can actually travel, so it’s important to think of this ahead of time so that you can start researching places. If you want to take a city break for example, or if you’d prefer something more like taking a cruise with Bolsover Cruise Club.

Take care of the practical stuff

Booking a surprise trip for someone else is going to take a little more in the way of planning than just booking a trip that everyone knows about, so for example, if your partner works for an employer, then you’re going to have to arrange time off for them on their behalf without them finding out about it. You will also perhaps have to get things like visas and permits organised for them on their behalf, depending on where you’re travelling to.

Aside from this, you obviously need to book the trip and do all the planning whilst being able to keep it as a surprise.

Enlist the help of someone who can keep a secret

When planning a surprise trip, as we mentioned above, there’s quite a lot of planning that goes into it – and you’ll have to be keeping a lot of secrets, so a good thing to do is get someone else on board who you trust that could help you with the planning side of things, such as bringing you both to the airport on the day you’re travelling and pretending you’re going somewhere else. Packing for your partner if you don’t know what to bring for them, and other things that you may not have considered before.

We hope that this post has been helpful in giving you some good tips to help you plan an amazing surprise trip for your partner that you’ll both remember for a long time to come and that will really surprise them and make them feel special, whether it’s for their birthday or just something you feel like doing for them.

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