How to Plant a Vegetable Garden

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Are you thinking about creating a vegetable garden? A vegetable garden is a great way to save money and eat organically at the same time. If you want to start but are not quite sure where to begin then you need a few tips to help you get started.


Here is a look at everything you need to know to get your garden started today.

Select the Perfect Location

The location of your garden is essential, you will need to select a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. Apart from sunlight, you need to think about fencing. Fencing will keep animals out of your garden especially if you live in the country.


Depending on how big the area you plan to use for your garden you may need extensive fencing. This can get expensive so create a budget for your garden.


If you don’t have enough money for fencing you may want to consider getting a loan from one of the payday lenders in your area or even a family member. You could also borrow from your credit card to get you started. Just make sure you keep the animals out of your garden or your efforts will be in vain.

Choose the Vegetables You Want to Plant


Deciding what produce to plant should be based on the space that you have, your tastes, the climate in which you live, and your level of expertise as a gardener.


If you are just starting you might want to begin with easier crops. Beans, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, and peppers are all easy to grow and are a great way to get your feet wet.

Make Sure Your Soil is Ready

Get this out of your garden ready by using fertilizers and compost. You can get someone from your local garden supply store to test the acidity of the soil for you. They will also be able to recommend any supplements that the soil may need to make it more conducive to planting your crops.

Check Cycles

Not all crops grow well in certain seasons. You can use a Farmer’s Almanac to tell you when is the best time to plant certain crops. Information about planting times can also be found on the seed packets that you buy.


Whether you use the Farmers Almanac or the packet information for guidance make sure that you pay close attention to the ideal conditions under which you should plant each vegetable.

Get Your Garden Started

Once you have done everything that has been discussed before you can go ahead and plant the seeds. Make sure that you space them properly so that the plants do not grow too close together.


You can then begin to water your garden every day to nourish your crops. Watch out for weeds that may try to grow in your garden. Be sure to get rid of them as fast as you can. Add fertilizer to your garden as needed.

Enjoy Planting

You are now ready to plant the vegetable garden of your dreams. Once you have mastered planting the easier crops discussed here, you can then graduate into planting crops that require a bit more care and effort.

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