How to Teach Your Kids to Be Organised

Children are so free-spirited and love fun to the extent that they often turn the whole house upside down. But they can be helpful around the house if you teach them how to be organised and responsible. Teaching your children organisation and accountability goes a long way in building their academic lives and even future careers. Your workload also reduces as a parent when you have organised children in your home. Are you wondering how to teach your highly energised and curious kids to be more put together? Here are a few ideas.

Making activities understandable


Your children’s tasks, projects and household chores must be made understandable by breaking it down into steps. This helps your little one realise that every duty could be made simpler, so they don’t get overwhelmed. Taking your child through the steps in performing an activity helps them understand the action and the expected result. For example, if your child must take out the trash, you must explain to them that they must first separate the recyclable waste from the non-recyclable waste and keep them in separate bins. Explaining tasks and projects to its simplest form also helps your child to do the same with other problems they might encounter.


Creating a to-do list


To-do lists are excellent organisation tools, and so it will help to teach your child how to create one. It instils qualities such as timeliness, and prioritisation as it will guide your little one to know what to do and when to do them. The to-do list must include academic work, house chores and any other important activity they have to complete. Also, advise your child to keep their list in areas that would be easily noticed and to keep track by ticking the activities they have performed regularly.


Be an example


One way children learn is by imitation, and they tend to imitate their parents more often. Therefore, you must try your possible best to set a good example for them. You can involve your children when going about your duties so that they can learn how to organise their tasks too. You can let them help when you’re creating a schedule for your activities both for work and your house chores. For example, allow them to observe how you clear your waste from the house and the time you do it so that they can start trying to help out.


Teaching time management


Teaching your children how to manage their time is essential to make them organised. You can do that by helping them draw time tables and allocating times to specific activities. You can further motivate them to make time management a habit by explaining to them the importance of time management.


While these tips are helpful, consistency will go a long way in ensuring they are successful long term. Also, remember that they are kids and will make mistakes along the way so you will need a lot of patience. At the same time, they will also make some progress and celebrating those little wins will serve as excellent motivation. They will need your support and direction, but eventually, they will get the hang of it. 

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