How To Treat Your Family In 2020

There comes a time where you realize that all of your efforts, all of your discipline and your ‘should haves’ are nothing if you cannot enjoy yourself thanks to all of that. For example, if you find that you always work overtime and rarely see your children before they head to sleep, it could be that you are earning plenty and doing well in your career – but at what personal cost?


Of course, we’re not here to pass judgment in any way at all. However, we might find that it can be important to treat your family, especially using the new decade as a milestone means to give yourself this permission. From there the fun part can begin, as you look for certain means that your family may really enjoy. Every family is different, and will react to certain things in a varied manner. That means this can also be a fun time of experimentation for you. We’ve curated a few tidbits of advice to help you make this decision a little more easily:


A Beautiful, Comforting Break


Why not invest your time and money in a beautiful, comforting break? One that allows you to take all of the stresses of the world and put them on pause for a certain amount of time. We can often think that life is nothing but work and responsibility, but that’s not the case. You can enjoy the fruits of your efforts more regularly than you think, and in a format that has substance rather than a shallow means of treating yourself.


For example, if you have a bank holiday coming up, why not use a paid day of working holiday to book off the previous Friday, giving you a four day weekend? This way you may book one of the beautiful Wye Valley Holiday Cottages to help you escape to a wonderful environment, a home away from home if you will. With nothing but comfort to expect there, you can focus on what really matters, spending time with your family, exploring a beautiful new part of the world, and doing so without stresses, trials or tribulations weighing you down. For some, this could be considered one of the most promising means of relaxing, because it gives you the chance to enjoy all of the perks of a holiday without the intense planning or overbearing financial burden necessary.


Then, upon your return, you’re likely to feel more refreshed than you have done in some time. It’s not hard to see how beautiful that can be – or how uplifting to your spirit it may feel.


An Art Project


Sometimes a nice treat isn’t in the luxury you may find, but in the hobbies you can curate, or the time you can spend with one another. An art project with your family members can be a great idea for this. Perhaps you’re planning a vacation and wish to document your experiences through a travel Vlog this time, or you wish to write a blog about your experiences. This might motivate you to go to places you hadn’t initially intended, or it can help you have fun through silly means, such as interviewing your children each day to see what they think.


An art project could also mean something a little more substantial at home, such as heading to a local pottery store to create a few bowls and plates with your children’s names on them. This can help them learn a new skill or become introduced to a new hobby without all of the intensity of purchasing materials yourself. That being said, a lovely rainy day inside with some nice music, a table covered in newspaper and paints to go around can help everyone enjoy crafting a picture of a landscape or painting a set of home pictures to proudly display on your refrigerator. 


Try and spur on the creative juices of your family members – odds are you’ll all be grateful for the fun activity.


Beautiful Food Experiences


Never feel as though a lovely meal out is something frivolous or something that you shouldn’t feel proud of arranging. A nice meal out with your family can be something that you remember for the rest of the week, or sometimes, it can even be a hallmark event you remember for some time. Why not try something new, such as enjoying a local street food van celebrated on social media before going to see a movie?


Why not try that new shopping centre food court that has opened, up, or trying the same with that new restaurant? It could also be that treating yourself to a new cooking accessory, such as a pressure cooker, could help you curate meals (such as slow cooked chicken) that you haven’t been able to before. When the warmer weather comes, arranging the mother of all barbecues could be a great idea. Additionally, how about considering vegan options now that many brands are curating their product listings in this way for the first time? Chances are, you might find something you like, and this can provide a fun day out.


A Fun, Local Time


You needn’t have to spend over the odds or be overly fanciful in your tastes to enjoy a great day out. A fun, local time can be enough. Perhaps there’s a nice bake sale going on in the local village, or a theatre event is taking place. Maybe the circus is in town. Heading to something new and making time to involve yourself in the local town community could be all you need to enjoy a nice treat and to bring people together. This might also be best felt when encouraging your family to support a nice event within your household, such as bringing everyone to the band recital of your daughter rather than only sending one parent along.


With this advice, we hope you can treat your family in 2020 with care. Whatever works for you, also works for us.


*This is a collaborative post*

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