How You Can Make Moving to a New House Much Easier

How You Can Make Moving to a New House Much Easier


There will likely come a time when you’d need to move house due to various personal reasons, ranging from finding a new job to a better neighbourhood preference. Property Wire research estimates that about 370,300 UK dwellers relocated in 2017. Moving can be a logistical nightmare, but you can make your big move a walk in the park with the right planning. So, you want to know more about how you can make moving day easy and stress-free? Please take a look at these points.

  • Use self-storage 

Experts estimate that about 1,430 storage sites exist in the UK. These self-storage facilities make relocation more convenient, whether you’re moving long-distance or downsizing from a family house. Therefore, it’d help to take advantage of the many benefits of using storage facilities. These facilities are safe havens for several of your belongings that will be temporarily displaced during the transition process. Keeping these items in storage significantly reduces the stress of your relocation experience, as you can actively pursue other essential aspects of your move like selling your old home without continually worrying about your belongings’ safety. Consequently, prioritize picking the right storage space for your belongings as an integral aspect of your relocation.

  • Dismantle in advance


Your large furniture isn’t designed to pass through small doors, the stairs, and narrow corridors. As such, it’s necessary to move large furniture as separate components that you can reassemble in your new location, hence the dismantling ritual.  However, taking apart beds, cots, and that chest of drawers typically takes longer than you think. Consequently, many experts advise that you begin your furniture dismantling process as early as possible. You can use instruction manuals as a guide to picking apart large pieces like china cabinets. You’ll also need the correct tools for the job and some assistance from friends, neighbours, and family. Alternatively, you can hire professional movers to handle your removals for a less stressful relocation experience.

  • Pack carefully


You must get your packing right to enjoy a truly convenient move. Therefore, invest in the right packing supplies like heavy-duty boxes, duct tape, and bubble wrap to package your belongings safely. Also, store all your jewellery, special souvenirs, and other valuables in one place to easily keep an eye on them, or give them to someone you trust temporarily. Additionally, don’t move useless items, as these would only take up space and label all your boxes to make unpacking a breeze.

  • Move at the right time

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Like many industries, moving house has its peak seasons. As such, you can trim your moving cost by timing your move correctly, avoiding high costs. August has reportedly been the busiest moving month for the past 12 years due to parents wanting children to settle into new homes before starting new academic years. It’d also be best to avoid relocating on Fridays, as it’s four times busier than your average moving day due to people wanting to use the weekend as the perfect time to unpack.

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