I am what I am

Nope, I’m not going to burst into song.

Maybe later…

So I’ve spoken about stripping back to blog basics and keeping it simple, and this post has kind of come off the back of that.

It’s very easy as a mum, and blogger to look at other people and feel inferior, especially when looking on social media.

I have got totally and utterly sucked into it and being obsessed with how shit and non ‘insta-ready’ my life is.

I found myself making sure I had a full face of slap before taking any photos or stories.

I would purposely ‘stage’ photos to show my house looking tidy and cosy.

And then I got really depressed and decided that I and my house are incredibly ugly and we will never be good enough for Instagram or anyone else.

Sad right?

I sat down one night and had a good think about who I am, what my blog is about and whether or not to abandon ship and give up.

I read through my first blog posts, and aside from cringing I remembered what I am all about.

I keep it real.

Who am I?

I’m depressed.  I’m overweight.  I’m a little bit skanky sometimes – because who wants to wash their hair and do their makeup every day?

I’m a mum and I lose my shit all the time.

My house is a mess – not through choice but because I have a toddler, a puppy and a husband and it will NEVER be tidy or to my standard.  My house is small, rented, and it’s shabby magnolia(spew) walls badly need redecorating.  So what if I need to tidy – it’s clean and it’s my space.

I’m poor – I work two days a week and we receive no benefits.  We shop in Lidl and I don’t even care.

But I know I’m the kindest and funniest fucker in the world when I’m on form and I would not change my life for anything.

I mean, Ross Poldark in my bed once a month would be nice as would a dishwasher(life goals) but I love my husband, my son, and my crazy pets.

So I’m back on social media with my greasy hair and giant spots.  I swear not because it’s cool, but because I want to.

All together now… “I AMMMM WHAT I AMMMMMMMMMMM”….

Lisa xx


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