I had a little break

You will have noticed that I have not posted much of late and have majorly abused my lovely blog.

We went on holiday for a week mid-June and I needed the break – I was worn out and trying to get to grips with the new medication and I wasn’t in the best of places depression-wise.

We had a wonderful week away and I came back feeling refreshed; however my anxiety didn’t settle down and I’ve had an increase in Duloxetine dosage to try and help.

I feel shattered all the time; I’ve struggled to get out of bed let alone keep up with my blog.

I have done some updates on Instagram and Facebook but not as much as I wanted to.

So, in short, I am feeling better but not as good as I had hoped – my mood is fine but I’m exhausted and it’s making daily life tough.

I have made a huge effort to eat lots of fruit and veg which has helped I’m sure.  One major side effect of the drugs has been excessive sweating and a *ahem* bunged-up behind.  The fruit and water have helped massively in that department fo sho.

So I’m back – I’ve scheduled some work time and I have lots to write about and work on.

Stay tuned for lots more bloggage.  And hopefully no more toilet talk.




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