I’m Here… Just About – Cleaning, Social Media Woes & Domestic Goddessness

Morning Huns, fellow mums and…. bums?

It’s been a while I know – life has been a little all over the place and I’ve had to take some time out – mainly from social media.

Don’t Be A Drama Llama

The thing about social media is – I love it but hate it.  I’d got to a point where I was spending every waking minute getting sucked into Facebook dramas and scrolling and it’s not healthy.  Things came to a head when the boy(he’s four for anyone not in the know) had a slight accident at home which I’d rather not go into but it would have been avoided if I’d used my time better and kept my home clean and tidy.

Down In The Dumps

I was feeling closed in, claustrophobic and down in the dumps because I couldn’t keep up with my blog work, motherhood, housework and life in general.

After a few weeks bobbing on and off the social grid I sat down and made a bit of a plan – plans for the house, plans for the blog and I guess most importantly plans for myself and how I want to live my life.

I Can But Dream

It’s interesting because at the moment I’m chasing my tail and going to bed absolutely exhausted because I’m not using my time well.  I wrote down that I want to be able to enjoy a gin and a candlelit bubble bath in the evening or to be able to sit in a clean and tidy room, open my laptop and write whatever is in my head.


Life has become so cluttered, muddled, depressed and shitty that I don’t allow myself the time to write the posts that I want to write.

And it’s not cool.

Getting My Shit Together

Last weekend I cried a little bit about everything and decided that I’d get a weekend of work out of the way and come Monday I would blitz the house.  I found myself following Mrs Hinch on Instagram to see what all the fuss was about and to hopefully ignite my cleaning mojo.  (I can report that once you see past the Hunnery there are some good tips and it’s really motivating).

The Organised Mum Method

I also found and printed out The Organised Mum Method – it’s all about breaking down your tasks and making housework manageable and even fun – you can find out more by clicking here.  I decided to start with the Messy House Blitz Boot Camp to get things back to a decent state before trying the daily routine.

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday morning came and I was fired up and ready to go – the plan was to blitz the living room.

We got up and took the car in for an MOT – it was then I realised I had no idea where the locking wheel nuts were and they would be needed for a new tyre.  They had either been thrown out when I’d emptied the car a few days earlier or they were in the Fetid Pit Of Despair(AKA the shed).

Hoarders Paradise

We have two sheds, the larger one was added four years ago as our house is teeny-tiny and it houses a freezer and the tumble dryer plus space for all sorts of things.  Unfortunately for the last year it’s been filled with so much crap you couldn’t get more than half a foot in it…


So I emptied it – threw about twenty bags of shit away and tidied it up, swept it, cleaned it and by the time I walked in the living room as per the plan I was ready to keel over.  Balls…

Getting There

As the week has gone on I’ve done half the house – sorted clothes, fixed and cleaned the back door(not a euphemism), cleaned and de-cluttered the living room, and so many little bits and bobs.  It’s starting to look amazing and it’s been so worth it.


Am I exhausted?  Yes – but I have the bedrooms and the kitchen to go and once it’s done I can’t wait for how good I’ll feel!

A New Week

The best part?  Next week I want to completely change up my routine – using the method from The Organised Mum I’m aiming to get my housework done in the mornings before the school run leaving my days free for blogging, dog walking, exercise and fun…

Watch this space – I’ll report back next week 🙂


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