I’m still alive…

I’ve been really quiet – life has been super manic and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Which makes me really sad – as it’s my outlet and I miss it when I’m not fully ‘in it’.

Anyways, all was going well until three weeks ago – hubs had a hernia repair therefore for a good week I was sole adult/parent and it was manic.

He’s fine now – but he’s been at home and I’ve literally had no time to write and keep up.  I’ve tried working in the evenings but I just end up falling asleep.  I didn’t realise the keys on my laptop came out, I woke up with the space bar stuck to my face.  Hmmm.

And so now it’s half term and still I have no bloody time.  Work, parenting and housework have taken over and squeezed every little morsel of energy out of my body.

I’m hoping to get my shit together this week and use my time properly – I actually have a blog post planned about it so watch this space….


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